John Dilley

John Dilley

John Dilley is one of America’s early settlers who deserves more than passing attention.

He was an esteemed biochemist, plant physiologist, educator and member of several scientific review panels.

Early Life and Education

John Diley was a successful farmer and stock-grower in his early career. He owned an expansive landed estate of forty acres located in Boone Township, Porter County.

He was a highly esteemed member of his community and actively involved in all social activities. A passionate Republican, he stood for what was right in public welfare issues with enthusiasm.

He was highly involved in his church, belonging to the United Presbyterian church of Hebron. Additionally, he served on the board of directors at Belgrade Nursing Home and was actively involved with local Boy Scouts. A dedicated husband and father, he enjoyed spending time outdoors hunting or fishing with many friends. He had a deep-seated passion for hunting and fishing that never failed him.

Professional Career

John Dilley has served as a director for Global Ordnance LLC since March 2007. He is part of the senior management team.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering from Ohio State University, as well as a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Dilley serves as Director of Commercial Operations for Global Ordnance LLC, where he assists in creating and executing strategies to meet company objectives. Furthermore, he manages staff members while ensuring quality work output is achieved.

He is also a filmmaker. His short film “Little Failures” was accepted into the Sundance Festival. Currently, he’s working on another experimental film and some narrative shorts with hopes of becoming an established filmmaker in the future.

Achievements and Honors

John Dilley was an acclaimed swimmer who earned a silver medal at the 1964 Olympics. A star member of Michigan State University’s swimming team, Dilley set new world records in both 200 backstroke and 4×200 freestyle relay events.

He served as captain of the YMCA Huntington Swim Club in Huntington, Indiana and led them to three national team championships.

Dilley graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology from Michigan State University. Subsequently, he went on to become a dentist and is now practicing in North Carolina.

Recently, several members of CSU Honors Program were honored with awards. Bailey Cross and Diana Diaz each received special scholarships.

Personal Life

John Dilley has been a part of Chautauqua Institution for over 72 years, beginning as a child and becoming actively involved in many of its programs. He volunteered at both the Children’s School and Boys’ and Girls’ Club while serving on its Board of Directors.

Dilley developed an interest in classical music and classical guitar while at the Institution. He now resides in a house built by other Akron natives who came to the Institution at about the same time.

He has been a long-standing member of the Eleanor B. Daugherty Society, an association of Chautauquans who have included the Institution in their wills or estate plans. Additionally, he is passionate about supporting the Institution’s conservation and preservation initiatives.

Net Worth

John Dilley has an estimated net worth of around $25k and currently resides in Tempe, AZ. With an annual income ranging between $50-74k, he owns a multi family dwelling unit with 2-4 units and has lived there for years without having any children. John is not married nor divorced and estimates his age to be 47.

Darl Dilley has an estimated net worth of under $25k and lives in a multi family dwelling unit with four units. Additionally, his age group is 48.5%, suggesting that he has completed 13-15 years of schooling. It’s estimated that he is not married and has never been married before.

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