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John Fradel was a World War I and WWII pilot who later served in the Army Air Corps. He was one of two Arlington, Vermont boys to enlist during WWII.

He served in B-24’s and P-47’s during the war, serving as both an instructor and pilot. Throughout his service he had the chance to fly in North Africa as well as South Pacific regions.

Early Life and Education

John was born and raised in the Red River Valley, an area he knows intimately. Additionally, his familiarity with both local economies and people allows him to effectively advise clients on making decisions that meet their financial objectives.

He is passionate about his profession and can be an excellent resource when searching for the loan that meets your requirements. His goal is to make the mortgage process straightforward and understandable so you can reach your financial objectives.

He is an environmentalist and has traversed the United States, sailed the Caribbean and hiked South America’s length. His philosophy revolves around saving our planet one step at a time – something he has inspired many young people to do as well.

Professional Career

John has been in the banking business for just shy of two decades. Throughout that time, he has had the privilege to serve clients throughout North Dakota and is an enthusiastic supporter of our local community. When not helping with home financing needs, John loves spending time outdoors fishing and hunting. As a mortgage broker with The Federal Savings Bank, John can assist you in finding the ideal loan to meet your requirements. His extensive expertise within the lending market and meticulous attention to detail make for an effortless and stress-free process. The right mortgage can be the key to building your wealth and living a more rewarding life. Connect with the top lender in your region for a complimentary consultation to determine how much you can afford to spend, then begin exploring your mortgage options.

Achievements and Honors

The Faculty of Law bestows many honors upon its students, from scholarships and awards to prestigious faculty appointments. The highest academic honors (Kent and Stone) are presented annually in May; continuing students also receive similar rewards on a quarterly basis. If you’re after more prestige, the School has earned its place among the nation’s top ten law schools for excellence in teaching and research; recently ranked number nine out of ten by The Legal 500 Survey. Many award winners from this illustrious institution have gone on to make significant contributions in their fields since graduating from here!

Personal Life

John Fradel had a deep-felt devotion to his wife Abigail, whom he wrote letters from the frontlines of World War I. These tenacious exchanges between them cover politics, religion, art and literature with remarkable insight. Their correspondence provides an amazing window into real people living through a turbulent time in history – their families affected in profoundly different ways.

Though the letters are sometimes slow and contain a lot of repetition, this book still manages to be an inspiring read. It demonstrates how hard married couples work to maintain their relationships even when separated by long distances or wars. That they were both able to continue writing to each other while apart is truly touching.

Net Worth

John has been in the mortgage industry for over two decades. His expertise lies in helping homeowners structure their loans to meet their individual financial objectives.

His expertise in the field enables him to be a true partner with clients, helping them understand and master the process. Furthermore, he takes pleasure in being part of the local economy and community.

John’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $25 Million as of February 2023. He owns a home in Massachusetts and co-owns a restaurant in Portugal, is an avid traveler, speaks French fluently, and enjoys spending time with his family. All these factors suggest that John will surely achieve great success throughout life.

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