John Franckhauser

John Franckhauser – HR Manager at Ventura

Coastal LLC

John Franckhauser is an HR Manager for Ventura Coastal LLC with six months of experience in this role.

A Denver-based foundation will award $8 million to organizations that create innovative programs or products for Colorado’s aging population.

Former Dallas Cowboys player, he was one of the first players to carry the ball during a regular season game and also returned the opening kickoff during their inaugural regular season match.

Early Life and Education

John was raised in Richland, attending Richland High School and later George Fox University. A member of West Side Church in Richland, John spent six months serving as a missionary there with support from his church as he developed an interest in missions work.

Fankhauser was driven by faith to leave his family-medicine job in California and move to Liberia, setting up a hospital and aiding with Ebola recovery efforts. Now he’s traveling to Minnesota for several days of classes to begin a master’s degree program in health care administration, with plans to continue studying when he returns home.

Professional Career

John Frankhauser was an American football player renowned for his impact in the league. He played for both the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys throughout his career.

Knute, as he was affectionately known to his teammates, was an impressive presence in the trenches during his tenure with the Los Angeles Rams. As a starter at left cornerback for most of his tenure on the team, he recorded 45 tackles, 13 passes defensed, 3 interceptions (tied for team lead) and 25 kickoff returns at an average distance of 19.8 yards.

Unfortunately, he passed away at 57 years old. Survived by his wife Karen, three children Joey USAF (South Korea), Andy (Lemoore) and Maggie (a senior at Long Beach State University) as well as numerous nieces and nephews, including his beloved grandmothers;

Achievements and Honors

John Frankhauser was a native of Steubenville, Ohio who played college football at Purdue and in the NFL. As a three-time starter at offensive end for Purdue, he earned notoriety during their 1957 win against Michigan State University.

His impressive academic accomplishments aside, he had the unique gift of making others feel valued and special. A dedicated teacher and champion for his students, he never wavered in advocating on their behalf.

He made a name for himself by aiding Ebola survivors in Liberia. In 2013, he left his job as Chief Medical Officer at Ventura County Medical Center to work with a missionary hospital and establish Liberia’s first family medicine residency – his efforts being featured on NPR.

Personal Life

John and Mary Frankhauser, from North Dakota’s small-grain and cattle farms, have made it their mission to live simply and frugally in order to follow God’s example of living safily. To this end, they’ve constructed an energy-efficient home in Paradise Prairie south of Spokane, Washington.

They both volunteer at their church, helping out with youth ministry and teaching at the high school. Furthermore, they serve as missionaries.

Fankhauser served as deputy medical director at ELWA hospital during the Ebola crisis that hit Liberia. He and his family were evacuated to North Carolina for a few weeks, but then returned to help care for patients.

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