John Fredericks

John Fredericks

John Frerichs is the Chief Financial Officer of WePay and, according to 19 ratings from employees, his team and himself are rated a B.

In addition to his position at WePay, he is also a professor emeritus at the University of California, Los Angeles. His contributions include developing microcomputer applications for management-oriented epidemiologists in developing countries such as rapid surveys and HIV sentinel surveillance strategies.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

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Achievements and Honors

Frerichs has achieved remarkable academic success while being heavily involved in his community and volunteering. He served as President of both Pine Chamber of Commerce and Thrift Store, and is currently a board member at Pine Senior Center.

He is actively involved in his local church and sits on several boards. Recently, he volunteered his services to a neighbor who needed assistance.

He credits Augusta University with teaching him a great deal and expresses gratitude to all those who helped him along the way – particularly teachers Bradford, Sadenwasser and members of his Living Learning Community which he joined as both a freshman and sophomore.

Personal Life

John Fredericks is a senior media executive whose experience ranges from newspaper publishing, television hosting, radio broadcasting, news analysis and political commentary. He’s renowned for his combination of hard-hitting investigative reporting with in-depth news analysis.

He has interviewed many eminent figures and is an expert in bringing together the biggest names and most knowledgeable experts on his show, providing listeners with up-to-date information to make informed decisions on local, regional, and national matters.

Fredericks spent his early childhood years living in a township outside Cape Town, South Africa. His parents were poor and his mother worked at an abattoir.

Net Worth

Treasurer Frerichs is an accomplished entrepreneur and businessman devoted to making Illinois more affordable for residents. To this end, he encourages saving plans for college or trade school, provides financial education to people of all ages, and reconnects Illinoisans with their unclaimed property.

He has also managed the Bright Start 529 college savings plan, which earned gold status five years in a row from independent analyst Morningstar. Through safe, smart investing, it has generated over $1.5 billion for Illinois.

Art and his family provided Frerichs with a strong support network during his ordeal. They worked tirelessly to get Frerichs released, navigating two administrations along the way. But they never gave up hope of seeing their loved one come home.

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