John Fresolo

John Fresolo, Former State Representative for

Worcester, Says Goodbye to the Crow

In 2013, John Fresolo, a former state representative in Worcester, resigned amid an ethics investigation. He was accused of misusing per diem travel expenses and other alleged ethical breaches.

Now, he is seeking to make a comeback. Running as an independent in the 16th District against Democrat Daniel Donahue, he hopes to secure victory for himself and his cause.

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Professional Career

In 2013, he retired as state representative for Worcester’s ghettos – becoming the first Democrat to do so in over a century. Now he works as assistant to the city manager and also lectures part time at University of Massachusetts Medical School.

Fresolo’s list of accomplishments includes building the telecommunications tower that now houses the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety headquarters, serving on the Worcester Police Department and Mayor’s Advisory Council on Crime Prevention, being a founding board member of Central Square Association and Upsala Elder Apartments, among others. Above and beyond his accolades, Fresolo is also an devoted family man with wife and son by his side.

Achievements and Honors

John Fresolo has earned plenty of media attention for his often amusing antics. But one accolade stands out above all others: being awarded “Top Dog”, or as John likes to refer to himself – for his service as state representative. With this new title behind him, Fresolo can now relax without worrying about running for office anymore.

Personal Life

John Fresolo, a 16 year veteran of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, is now the owner and operator of Rocky’s Food, Spirits, and Music restaurant in Waltham. The menu pays homage to their Italian heritage with entrees like spaghetti with meatballs, sausage subs, and grinders filled with Italian cold cuts.

The restaurant is facing charges of serving alcohol to minors. A hearing has been scheduled for Dec. 7, almost one month before the election.

John Fresolo, a former member of the state House who resigned in 2013 following an investigation by the House Ethics Committee, is running for office again as part of the United Independent Party and seeking to unseat Rep. Daniel Donahue – the Democrat who replaced him – from office.

Net Worth

Representative John Fresolo has been a lifelong resident of the 16th Worcester District and has served in public service since 1999. He has two daughters, Francesca and Maria, who reside in Grafton Hill neighborhood of Worcester City. Representative Fresolo is active in his church and many civic organizations as well as an avid reader.

In 2013, Fresolo resigned from the House after an ethics committee investigation led to a special election, in which state Representative Dan Donahue won. But never released its report, leaving voters uncertain about Fresolo’s conduct. Now he’s running against Donahue in an unlikely bid for his old seat back; and this Sunday he plans on holding a fundraiser to replenish his campaign account which has taken a hit since his resignation.

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