John Grosvenor

John Grosvenor

John Grosvenor is a well-known figure in the world of historic tax credits and an active speaker at conferences on preservation issues.

He was born in 1742 and died in 1823. A surgeon by profession, he resided in Oxford. As an accomplished painter as well, his works were featured in two award-winning editions of American Artist magazine.

Early Life and Education

John Grosvenor was born in Oxford, England the son of Stephen Grosvenor – sub-treasurer of Christ Church. After receiving medical education at Worcester and London hospitals, he went on to work as an anatomical surgeon at Matthew Lee’s foundation at Christ Church.

On March 1791 he married Anna Parsons (nee Hough), widow of John Parsons MD. She passed away in 1797 and on June 14, 1813 he wed Charlotte Marsack, daughter of Charles Marsack of Caversham Park.

He was an active participant in the Baptist church, serving as deacon and treasurer. Additionally, he served on the Kansas state convention board for many years as its twice president as well as being a trustee at Ottawa University.

Professional Career

John Grosvenor is a well-known figure within the professional community. With extensive experience and knowledge across numerous fields, John brings invaluable expertise to bear.

He is an accomplished architect who has completed many projects throughout the years. For his efforts, he has earned numerous awards.

He is also a professional photographer whose works have been featured on magazine covers and billboards. Additionally, he teaches digital arts to students at West Carrollton High School.

He has been employed with international professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers for 38 years, serving as non-executive director to numerous organizations and serving as trustee to the Alzheimer’s Society. Recently, he took a new position as chairman of Goalball UK – an organisation dedicated to championing goalball around the world.

Achievements and Honors

John Grosvenor has earned numerous accolades for his achievements in architecture and fine arts. He has designed hotels, resorts, residential projects, museum exhibits and historic preservation initiatives throughout America and abroad.

He serves on the board of directors of both Newport Art Museum and World Heritage Watercolor, a nonprofit that allows 20 artists to take part in plein air painting sessions at World Heritage Sites.

Since 1951, The Association of American Geographers has offered AAG Honors to recognize outstanding accomplishments by members in research and scholarship, teaching, education, service to their discipline and public service outside academia. An elected committee selects awardees while reviewing nominations to ensure candidates abide by the AAG Professional Conduct Policy.

Personal Life

John Grosvenor was a well-known figure in Chester. He served as MP for the city for many years, contributing significantly to its civic development.

He held a firm belief in the divine right of kingship and patriarchal authority, yet he also championed individual freedom as well as parliament’s ability to represent people.

He had a strong family background and was renowned for his high moral principles. He supported the arts and philanthropy with passion, while also actively backing the Whig movement. Additionally, he played an influential role in 17th century political life.

Net Worth

John Grosvenor, 69 years old British aristocrat and heir, had an estimated net worth of $12.4 billion as of April 2019. This makes him Britain’s richest person according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index’s estimation.

Grosvenor is the son of Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor and Lady Edwina Grosvenor, a prison reformer and philanthropist. He received his education from both a local state primary school as well as Mostyn House School near Eaton Hall in Cheshire, which served as his secondary schooling establishment.

He attended Ellesmere College, Shropshire from 2000-2009 and graduated with a degree in countryside management in 2013. Following graduation, he worked for Wheatsheaf Investment and The Grosvenor Group before being appointed accounts manager at Bio-bean, a green energy company, in January 2016. Grosvenor served as godfather to Prince George during this time.

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