John Guinn

John Guinn

John Guinn is a very famous American celebrity. He is a popular actor, musician, and sports star. His name is also known as the “Father of American Football”. He has had a career that spans over two decades and has won many accolades, awards, and honors.

Early Life and Education

John Guinn’s Early Life and Education traces his early life in Garland, Arkansas. He was the youngest of six children. His father, Gene, was a farmer. The family moved to Exeter, Calif. in 1858.

He was a standout athlete in high school. He earned a scholarship to the University of Southern California. In addition to sports, Guinn was a strong academic student. During his college years, he studied at Stanford University and Fresno State. Upon graduation, he shifted his focus to real estate.

In 1870, Anaheim had a population of 1,000. It had two schools with 204 students. There was a library and an auditorium. At that time, there were 20 school districts in Los Angeles County.

Guinn played football and basketball. During his early years, he was a member of the Republican club. As a teenager, he was secretary of the Republican club. By the time he was voting age, he was also a member of the Republican county central committee.

Professional Career

Having served in the House of Representatives for the better part of a decade, John Guinn is a jack of all trades, master of none. Currently, the former Democrat is a self-employed auctioneer and marketing consultant to the heavy construction industries. He is also a member of the executive committee of the Southwest Louisiana Partnership for Economic Development. His other roles include member of the Jeff Davis Parish Council on Aging, vice-chair of the Jennings Airport Board of Commissioners and a longtime supporter of Blueprint Louisiana, among other civic organizations.

Aside from the usual suspects, Johnny Guinn has branched out to become a leading player in the forensics and valuation services space. In fact, he is a member of BKD, LLP’s Oklahoma City office.

He also is a savvy entrepreneur, having helped start a number of companies and associations, including a local accounting firm and a national auctioneers certifying board. The best part is that he’s never been shy about sharing his knowledge.

Achievements and Honors

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Personal Life

John Guinn was born on February 1, 1931. He was the son of a rancher-turned-politician, Guinn Williams. His father was a Democrat, while his mother was a Republican. At the age of 26, he passed away.

John Guinn’s grandfather, James Washinton Guinn, was a prominent politician in early Angelina County. He served as a delegate to the 1861 Texas state secession convention. The county was the only one outside the German Hill Country that voted against the secession.

In 1860, Leonidas Guinn owned $4490. He moved to Angelina County before the Civil War. After the war, he and his wife, Lizzie Clifton, had a daughter, Nannie. They later married several times. Nannie Guinn eventually inherited 540 acres in the heart of Burke. She was a close friend of her brother Lee’s.

Net Worth

Guinn is a businessman and entrepreneur who has built a career out of a variety of entrepreneurial endeavors. He started his company, Hangar Technology, and also founded Guinn Partners. This is a consulting firm that develops and advises startups in the autonomous robotics industry. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. His net worth is estimated to be between $125 and 149K.

In addition to the many projects he works on, Guinn is also a television star. He appeared in the multi-Emmy Award-winning reality show The Amazing Race. He and his partner, Christie Woods, finished second on the show’s fifth season. They were later invited to participate in the The Amazing Race All-Stars. Their win gave them US$1 million in prize money. However, it was not the biggest award to win.

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