John Hafner

Personal Life of John Hafner

John Hafner is one of the most successful business men in the country. He is the president of NBC Universal and has a net worth of over $1 billion. But what is his personal life like? And how did he get to where he is today?

Early Life and Education

If you’re interested in watching movies, you’ve probably noticed John Hafner’s work. He’s been involved in the film industry for more than nine years, shooting music videos and full length feature films. Some of his work includes documentary, multicam reality tv, and national aired commercial spots. In fact, he’s been awarded several prestigious awards for his work.

Throughout his life, he’s been an active member of his community. He supported the Mobile Chamber Music Society, the Mobile Symphony, and the Mobile Museum of Art.

He also enjoyed reading and studying military history. Jack also owned his own business, Hafner Enterprise, in Lake City, Ohio. His last home was in Coshocton, Ohio. When he passed away on March 13, 2021, he left behind five grandchildren.

John Richard “Jack” Hafner was born in Cambridge, Ohio, and raised in Coshocton. He attended UT Austin, where he studied Computer Science. At some point, he moved to Lake City, where he had a home.

Professional Career

Jack Hafner is a well-known figure in the financial world. He’s an ultra high-net-worth advisory guru whose track record is nothing to sneeze at. Among his accomplishments is a slew of award-winning publications. In addition to his impressive résumé, he has amassed over 25 years of experience in the asset management business. One of his many responsibilities is serving the wealth planning needs of ultrahigh-net-worth families.

Several years ago, Hafner migrated from Credit Suisse’s storied U.S. wealth unit to Wells Fargo Advisors. During his time with the bank, Hafner supervised a whopping $1.4 billion in customer assets. While he’s since made a big name for himself, Hafner is not the only former Credit Suisse exec to find a home at Wells. According to a report in BusinessWeek, a third of the 155 brokers at the Radnor branch of Wells Fargo have made the jump to the Big Blue.

Achievements and Honors

John Hafner was an exemplary fire dispatcher. He handled an array of complex incidents and dealt with multiple paramedic companies. His most memorable moment occurred when he was faced with the mammoth task of dealing with a catastrophic incident at the entrance to the barrier island. After securing the situation, he went on to deal with multiple boroughs.

He also received an award for his achievements. The Toms River Council recognized him with a well deserved plaque. Several of his colleagues at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center also shared in the honors.

Notably, John’s accomplishments spanned the globe. Over the course of his career, he was stationed in various locales, including the military academy at West Point. A few of his notable accolades include being an active member of the Emergency Medical Service (EMS) committee at the Chicago Department of Public Health and serving on the ITLS Illinois Advisory Committee.

Personal Life

A writer of fiction and nonfiction, John Hafner’s personal life includes a love for books, music, and technology. He has written two novels, The House at the Bridge and Where Wizards Stay Up Late. In addition to these, he has written an autobiography about his relationship with his daughter, Mother Daughter Me.

Hafner’s wife, Rhoda Reynolds Heile, passed away in July of 2002. She was the mother of two daughters, Alexandria and Reynolds. They also have grandchildren.

John Hafner was born in 1861. His father, Matthias Edward Hafner, was born in Wisconsin. As a child, he attended the McGill Institute High School. Later, he earned a degree from Marquette University, where he studied American and English Literature. After graduating, he moved to Daphne, Alabama, where he married Rhoda.

Net Worth

Travis Lee Hafner was a professional baseball player who played in the Major Leagues for the Texas Rangers, New York Yankees and Cleveland Indians. He was a left-handed hitter, and his career stats are impressive. In 2006, he had a 100+ RBI season, and in 2005, he smashed 30+ home runs.

Among his other accomplishments, Travis Hafner holds the record for most home runs by a North Dakotan. And while it might be a stretch to call him the richest baseball player, his net worth is likely in the mid-twenties.

For example, in 2004, Travis Hafner scored the most runs of any American Leaguer, and he led the league in extra base hits and walks. In addition, he tied the MLB record for grand slams in one season. As for the most important statistic, he was the league’s slugging percentage leader and had the best on-base percentage.

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