John Hovannisian

John Hovannisian

John Hovannisian is an expert on Armenian history and culture who enjoys a popular following among Armenians. However, his name also carries with it some controversy.

His business partners own hundreds of rental units that are renowned for their substandard conditions, which have been reported dating back years.

Early Life and Education

Hovannisian had a special interest in early education. She strongly advocated for outdoor learning, drawing inspiration from educational philosophers such as Froebel, Rudolf Steiner and Charlotte Mason.

She believed that children should spend their first six years outdoors, in a natural environment where they could explore the world. This provides them with opportunities to learn through activity, emotions and intellect.

Hovannisian spent many years teaching before becoming a professor at UCLA. He is the author of numerous books and articles, as well as having lectured around the globe.

Professional Career

John Hovanishian, an Armenian genocide scholar and University of California Los Angeles professor, is a well-known speaker at universities, colleges, and conferences around the world. His publications span across genocide studies as well as Armenian history research.

Hovannisian has long advocated for a regional solution to Armenia’s political crisis, which involves balancing the country’s geopolitical needs with support for democratic reforms.

However, his approach hasn’t been without faults, according to a series of cables written by the United States between 2005 and 2007. In one, U.S. charge d’affaires Rudolf Perina praised Armenian-American leader’s campaign for voter support as well as his party’s success in a parliamentary election.

These cables demonstrate that Hovannisian is a product of the West, yet his support of democratization and regional solutions run counter to both U.S. policies in the Caucasus and his own record in that region.

Achievements and Honors

John Hovannisian has achieved great success and been honored with numerous awards. He is renowned for his contributions to Armenian history and genocide studies.

His work has been featured in countless books and scholarly articles. Additionally, he has taught at numerous colleges and universities.

He is widely regarded as an expert in his field. He has dedicated his life to researching Armenian history and genocide studies.

He has traveled widely around the world, giving lectures and seminars on Armenian history and genocide studies. Additionally, he has authored more than 50 books and scholarly articles.

Personal Life

John Hovannisian was an admirable individual who deeply valued his family and friends. His genuine affection for everyone he encountered showed in the form of warm embraces that never failed him.

He was an astute businessman who ensured his customers were contented. Additionally, his ability to recognize and implement new trends with precision proved invaluable.

One of his more successful initiatives was the founding of a private foundation whose purpose is to promote Armenian causes. It boasts an attractive website, considered one of the best in Armenia; however, whether or not it achieves its stated mission is another matter entirely. Furthermore, visitors to this free-to-use website can find plenty of information on Armenian history, culture and arts.

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