John Hunewill

John Hunewill, Marketing Manager for NFL


John Hunewill is an accomplished marketing manager and retail industry expert. He has created successful marketing and merchandising strategies for NFL merchandise to maximize revenue growth.

He is currently the manager of brand development and strategic planning at the NFL, where he also teaches a graduate course on global retailing.

Early Life and Education

John Hunewill and his family have made ranching in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California a way of life, passing down their tradition through six generations. For over 140 years, they have dedicated themselves to upholding and protecting this 4,500-acre family ranch.

The Hunewill family first settled in this region of southern Arizona in 1861 when Napoleon Bonaparte Hunewill established a lumber mill nearby Buckeye Canyon, using ox carts to transport timber to mining town Bodie. By 1880, they constructed their original ranch house and barn on the property which still stands today as an operating guest ranch where paying guests can learn to ride horses, herd cattle and take in views of breathtaking landscapes. Furthermore, they protect wildlife habitat including Bi-State sage-grouse migration routes as well as alpine habitat for federally endangered Sierra Nevada bighorn sheep populations.

Personal Life

The Hunewill family, six generations strong in Bridgeport Valley, have always been hard-working ranchers. Though their life is not always easy, it is one that is steeped in tradition and a sense of community. The Hunewills are an open-hearted bunch.

They are an energetic group who are happy to share their knowledge of the region and its history with visitors. They take great pride in being part of that history, as well as that their guest ranch remains active after 130 years.

The Hunewills’ 4,500-acre property has a colorful history that dates back to 1861 when Esther and Napoleon Bonaparte Hunewill first arrived in Buckeye Canyon to provide lumber by ox cart to mining town of Bodie. Nowadays, they operate a guest ranch on their property where paying guests can learn how to ride horses, herd cattle, and take in the stunning beauty of Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains while learning new skills.

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