John Huscroft

A Profile of John Huscroft

John Huscroft is the owner of Creston Truck Service, a Peterbilt dealer in Kootenay, British Columbia. He also plays an active role in his community by serving on various committees and taking part in local events.

He was a hardworking, dedicated family man who believed in giving back to the community and was renowned for his business acumen. A loving husband, father, and grandfather who passed on his knowledge to the next generation.

Early Life and Education

John Huscroft was born and raised in Creston, BC and carried a strong work ethic throughout his life. He was an accomplished pilot, logging contractor, business owner and involved with many community initiatives. As the 2021 Creston Citizen of the Year he showed great passion for his hometown.

Huscroft is an innovative historian and his approach to telling Angevin history relies on using people’s lives rather than an abstract political narrative. This strategy works, making the narrative more personal and accessible for general readers.

In the initial section, King Henry and his daughters Matilda and Stephen are examined in detail. He paints them as loving family members who were both legitimate and illegitimate heirs to the throne, as well as showing how alliances and loyalties were constantly shifting during this period.

Professional Career

John Huscroft had an illustrious professional career that lasted more than a decade, earning him numerous accolades along the way. As a defensive force with over 3,000 penalty minutes and seven NHL games under his belt, he earned himself a place of honor in his profession. Additionally, John was an astute businessman who always put his best effort into each endeavor he undertook during his professional life.

One of his more remarkable successes was winning a groundbreaking workers’ compensation case with no win no fee application that made headlines. This high-tech lawsuit took nearly one year to resolve and featured an engaging courtroom display that displayed facts in an engaging format. In the end, he was awarded over $800,000.

Achievements and Honors

Some notable accomplishments include being named to the University of Dayton’s spring 2018 dean’s list, which recognizes undergraduate students with a grade point average of 3.5 or better. Furthermore, congrats on being selected as one of its members for 2021!

His greatest achievement, however, was realizing his father’s dream by securing permits and permissions to install the Tutor at Millennium Park. This accomplishment is no small feat for a town the size of Creston; thanks to an effective public-private partnership, an eye-catching commemorative plaque was unveiled on the ground just in time for this year’s Centennial celebrations! Special thanks must go out to The Creston Valley Community Foundation for their generous matching contributions.

Personal Life

John Huscroft was a dedicated family man, an enthusiastic pilot and car enthusiast, as well as a business owner who always sought ways to help those in need and support the community. He volunteered for many organizations such as Creston’s Golden Centennaires, C.B. Lang memorial monument, Creston Valley Rotary Club and numerous other causes within Creston.

He served as president of J.H. Huscroft Ltd and founded a company that manufactures logboards and lumbering equipment. As an active member in his community, his efforts were recognized with an award as Citizen of the Year 2020 from Creston Valley Rotary Club.

He also used his expertise to erect a memorial monument in Creston’s Millennium Park, honoring C.B. Lang and the Golden Centennaires from Creston. By doing so, he fulfilled both his personal dream and that of the community of Creston.

Net Worth

John Huscroft’s net worth is estimated to be $800 million. He owns a variety of assets, such as the sawmill in Creston, British Columbia that he founded with his son Ken in 1927. The mill runs one 40-hour shift and employs 85 workers; Justin Storm, president and general manager, stated that 18 million board feet are dedicated to producing boards while most remaining production is specialty items.

William and Jane Huscroft had been members of the Mormon church in Utah for two and a half decades when they decided to leave, dissatisfied with their beliefs and seeking a better life. They arrived in British Columbia in 1876, staying there for several years before moving near Bonners Ferry before finally settling near Creston in 1893.

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