John Iskander

John Iskander

John Iskander is an award-winning writer and director. His films have screened at international film festivals, receiving critical acclaim in multiple cinema blogs such as indieWIRE, Fangoria, Film Threat and Starburst Magazine.

He has written a feature screenplay which is currently in production with Telefilm and SODEC financing. Additionally, he was one of the finalists in ScreenCraft’s Horror Screenplay Competition.

Early Life and Education

John Iskander’s life is focused on two things: education and faith. Since he was old enough to join, the Pleasant High School senior has been involved with his youth group at Cornerstone Alliance Church in Marion.

He’s also participated in several short-term missions trips to Mexico, Missouri, Michigan and Illinois. These experiences have taught him more about life than just his grades ever could.

He works during the day as a seventh-grade teacher for Dallas’ Independent School District. At night, Parade of Flesh – his company which he founded – books indie, punk and metal acts from all over America.

Professional Career

Aside from his long and successful career in music, Iskander is also an avid reader, cross country runner and ultimate frisbee enthusiast. At 17 years old, he’s a senior at Ben Franklin Academy high school with an eye for the unusual. After investing heavily in private education since his father passed away, Iskander has made sure his studies remain at the top of his game: his list of classes so far includes 10 AP courses plus the honorary title of STAR student — an elite designation recognized throughout school libraries as well as on teachers’ minds — is testament to this fact.

Achievements and Honors

John Iskander has had an illustrious career, boasting several notable successes. However, his greatest legacy remains as a writer and director. His short film “Jesus Comes to Town” has screened at over 30 international film festivals and earned him an Academy Nicholl Fellowship Semifinalist for its screenwriting accolades. His feature script collaboration with TIFF Filmmaker Lab alum Patricia Chica is the stuff of dreams, backed by Telefilm and SODEC and set for its world premiere at Cinequest 2022. The university’s highest honors, the Provost’s List and Honor Roll, are determined by official student academic records. Awards are given to those who meet the university’s academic standards for a given semester based on their grade point averages and course load.

Personal Life

John Iskander’s faith in God is an integral part of his life. He’s involved with the youth group at Cornerstone Alliance Church in Marion and regularly takes short-term missions trips to Mexico, Missouri and Illinois. Additionally, he loves playing soccer and swimming for fun.

Iskander is an accomplished writer and filmmaker whose work has been featured at numerous film festivals worldwide. He has won multiple awards and placed in prestigious competitions such as the Academy Nicholl Fellowship with his dark comedy script The Gospel According to Charlie; similarly his horror/sci-fi script Jowls placed as a semifinalist in Shriekfest Film Festival Screenplay Competition. At present he’s working on both feature length horror/comedy movie as well as his first television series from Los Angeles, California where he resides.

Net Worth

If you’re a music enthusiast, chances are you’ve heard of John Iskander. He is one of Dallas’ premier independent music promoters and taste-makers, advocating for the local scene while discovering up-and-coming indie, punk and metal acts. His abilities to pick out promising acts is nothing short of amazing!

He works during the day as a seventh-grade teacher with Dallas Independent School District, while running Parade of Flesh – an entertainment promoting company that brings bands from across America on tour. Though it’s a lot of work, for him it provides an enjoyable balance. And despite all these demands he has no plans to give up teaching anytime soon. For more insight on 30 metro area personalities check out The Dallas Observer People Issue here!

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