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John Kester – Achieving Success Through Hard


John Kester has helped countless students from Nigeria to achieve success through his company, Uniqconsult. He believes that every country needs to focus on knowledge, education, health, and agriculture to create space for opportunity.

He started a consulting company in 2005 to provide training and scholarships for students from Nigeria. The company didn’t take off at first but he met former President Olusegun Obasanjo who encouraged him to stay in Nigeria and continue his work to help the country’s future.

Early Life and Education

Born in Nigeria, John Kester was eager to approach the world with enthusiasm. He traveled extensively, and even studied in Russia to further his education.

He then started a company called Uniqconsult where he has been able to help thousands of people achieve their goals and dreams. His work has helped build the stepping stones for others to follow in his footsteps and derive a sense of success.

He was a wonderful husband, father and friend. He will be missed by many people and will be remembered forever. He leaves behind his wife Billie, sons Nick and Will, and step-children Nole Conrad and Jamie Conrad. He also has many nieces and nephews. Sadly, John was recently diagnosed with an extremely rare form of thyroid cancer.

Professional Career

John Kester has a long and distinguished career in medicine and research. A malaria vaccine researcher with more than 70 scientific manuscripts and book chapters, he has played a major role in the development of RTS,S, the first ever malaria vaccine candidate.

He was also a professor at the University of Maryland for over 24 years, serving on numerous committees, including those that develop the National Institutes of Health’s Vaccine Development Program and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Office of Infectious Diseases Board of Scientific Counselors.

In his spare time, he has also become a leader in the management of The Citadel’s grounds crew. He is responsible for the landscape of campus, enhancing its appearance and promoting the institution’s identity. He is an expert in maintaining the Sweet Grass along Lee Avenue, which serves as a symbol of the college’s Lowcountry roots.

Achievements and Honors

John Kester was an honorable man who had a big heart and never let anyone down. He cared deeply for his family and his community, and served on many boards and organizations.

He was a great husband, father, brother and uncle. He enjoyed fishing, hunting, working on his ’64 GTO and riding his horses in the hills and high country.

He was diagnosed with an extremely rare form of thyroid cancer on Jan 14th, 2010. After a long battle and a short life, he passed away peacefully at home with his wife Billie by his side.

Personal Life

John Kester has always considered success to be something that is achieved through hard work. He has dedicated his life to building a successful career and helping others achieve their dreams.

He has also been very generous in giving back to the community and supporting his family, friends and loved ones. Among his many accomplishments, he has established an organization called Uniqconsult that provides training opportunities and scholarships for students in Nigeria.

He has also worked for The Wall Street Journal in reporting financial news. He has written over 100 stories for the publication and has been published in several books.

Net Worth

John Kester is a Nigerian-born consulting firm owner who has built an impressive net worth. His company, Uniqconsult, has helped to send many African students abroad to pursue their dreams of studying and working in the United States.

He has an estimated net worth of $25.5 Thousand dollars as of 14 November 2016. He owns over 1,100 units of BlackRock Enhanced Global Dividend Trust stock valued at $25,450 and has made 17 trades since 2005.

He is the Independent Trustee for BlackRock Enhanced Global Dividend Trust. He has made no insider transactions involving InspireMD Inc over the past 18 months.

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