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Anesthesiology Specialist – John Kurian

John Kurian is an Anesthesiology Specialist located in East Weymouth, MA. Get their practice hours, contact information, and more here.

Col. Kurian is the Vice Commander of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

As one of six Air Force Materiel Command centers, AFLCMC is accountable for overseeing the life-cycle management of aircraft, engines, munitions and electronic systems.

Early Life and Education

John Kurian was raised in a godly family and developed an appreciation of Scripture at an early age. Baptized at the age of seven, he soon joined the Christian Brethren assembly movement in Kerala as a devout believer.

He served as an itinerant preacher for many years, spreading the Word of God to thousands across India and beyond. With a special passion for youth ministry, he helps with teaching ministry at Bible colleges in India.

Kurian felt it was time to form an organization that could assist those in his community who needed assistance. Thus, on September 10th 1986 he founded Melamparambil Vaghese John Memorial Charities with this goal in mind.

Professional Career

Kurian has had an illustrious career in technology. After serving as CEO of Oracle for 22 years, he moved onto Google Cloud where he helped transform it into a premier enterprise cloud provider and led their strategic data center build out that will continue their rapid expansion ahead.

He is an esteemed researcher and holds 15 U.S. patents as well as publishing 16 book chapters and over 300 journal and conference papers.

He founded Melam Foundation in 1981 to raise funds for charity purposes and has since provided medical aid to over 154,000 needy individuals throughout Kerala.

Achievements and Honors

John Kurian is renowned for his accomplishments both in the business world and philanthropic sector. Through his Melam Foundation, John has made a lasting impact on thousands of lives by providing assistance to those in need.

His professional achievements have been recognized by the Indian government with the fourth highest civilian award – Padma Shri. Additionally, he earned several other accolades such as four-time winner of the esteemed National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneur in 1997.

In addition to his entrepreneurial endeavors, he has a keen interest in science and technology. His primary research areas include parallel computing, cache, distributed computing, software and embedded systems.

Personal Life

Kurian John Melamparambil is an inspiring businessman and philanthropist, adhering to the principles of humanism and selflessness.

His life took an entirely new turn after the untimely passing of his father, a role model and model of strong values. The grief, realization that many could not afford timely medical aid, and thought about hundreds of helpless souls without access to such assistance prompted him to found his own charitable organization in honor of him.

On September 10th 1986, Melamparambil Vaghese John Memorial Charities (Melam) was officially established and remains an important pillar of his philanthropic work. Through entrepreneurship, the organization generates funds which then go towards supporting charity activities.

Net Worth

Kurian is a renowned business executive who has made waves in the industry. After 22 years with Oracle, he left to become the CEO of Google Cloud in late 2018.

He has spearheaded numerous initiatives that have propelled the company forward in the cloud space. Notable among his accomplishments are his efforts to ‘industrialize’ cybersecurity and create an open marketplace for cloud products.

Kurian has employed a ‘partner-led’ strategy in his business ventures, leading to remarkable growth and success. Additionally, he is an acclaimed philanthropist who has given back to the community in numerous ways.

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