John Kurowski

John Kurowski

John Kurowski is a highly acclaimed attorney with expertise in Personal Injury, Defense and General Litigation. Additionally, he specializes in Family Law and Civil Rights matters.

Through his career, he has been an advocate for green building practices. He co-founded the Built Green Colorado program and continues to set standards in home construction that meet stringent energy efficiency criteria.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Kurowski has had an illustrious professional career that has spanned multiple fields. In 1976, he established his own company to focus on creating energy efficient and environmentally conscious custom homes in Denver.

This company boasts an experienced team that can construct a variety of custom homes. Additionally, they specialize in remodels and home additions.

They are proud members of the built green program, creating homes that meet a range of environmental standards including greater energy efficiency, healthier indoor air quality, reduced pollution and water usage, as well as protection of natural resources.

They were one of the first companies in America to integrate both active and passive solar systems into a home, and are dedicated to using energy-saving appliances and building practices that reduce their carbon footprint. Their work has contributed greatly to improving living standards throughout Colorado.

Achievements and Honors

Kurowski was a star player during the Cardinals’ illustrious run in baseball, winning three World Series titles and hitting 106 home runs with 529 RBI during his nine-year professional career.

In 1998, Professional Builder, a premier national home builder publication, presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award. Additionally, in 1988 he earned a Gold Medal from the National Polish-American Hall of Fame.

He has a longstanding record of making an impact on his community through his involvement in environmental causes. He served as Chairman of the Home Builders Association Energy Committee for five years and chaired the 2004 National Green Building Conference.

Personal Life

John Kurowski was born in Reading, Pennsylvania and grew up with the coal-mining region. With a patched-up throwing arm that made him seem like an unlikely prospect for the majors, John Kurowski made history when he broke into the majors in 2012.

Despite his arm problems, he enjoyed a successful major-league career and earned himself the reputation as one of the Cardinals’ most beloved players. His contributions to their success were immense; helping the club win three World Championships during the 1940s.

He played alongside future Hall of Famer Stan Musial, Red Schoendienst, Ernie White, Max Lanier and Mort Cooper among others. He earned three All-Star selections and finished among the top ten National League third basemen in on-base percentage, batting average, home runs and total bases each year from 1943 through 1947. His home run in the 1946 World Series broke a 2-2 tie and set up St. Louis Cardinals’ victory.

Net Worth

John Kurowski is a highly acclaimed real estate developer in Colorado. His portfolio boasts numerous high-end homes throughout the state of Colorado.

He is a self-made man who has become an inspiration to many. In 1976, he founded a development company with the purpose of building more energy efficient and environmentally conscious homes.

His net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be $1.9 million.

He spent his career as a third baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, where he won three World Series championships with them.

He is married to Lindsey Kurowski since 1988 and they have one son, Samuel William Adam PERKIN, born September 17th 1990.

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