John Kysylyczyn

John Kysylyczyn Resigns As Chairman of the 4th

Congressional District Republican Committee

Former Roseville Mayor John Kysylyczyn has a distinguished list of political achievements. However, his resignation as chairman of the 4th Congressional District Republican Committee due to a recent whistleblowing complaint and federal fine has caused him to step down from his post.

Local governments have long relied upon newspapers to print public notices. Typically, those papers meet minimum circulation requirements, provide some local news coverage and publish in English.

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Achievements and Honors

One of John kysylyczyn’s major accomplishments was the founding of a free weekly newspaper, the Anoka County Record. It was successful in winning contracts to publish public notices for three cities and Anoka County. However, now he must resign his position as publisher due to cost savings issues and an increasing focus on political consultant work.

His career has included positions in state and local government as well as owning multiple small business enterprises. In 2017, he was elected chairman of the 4th Congressional District Republicans; however, after seven months due to internal conflicts among committee members and differing ideologies, he was removed from his post in November.

Personal Life

John Kysylyczyn is the owner and operator of a successful family-owned construction business. He’s also proud father of two young children and an in-demand home improvement contractor. When not at work, John enjoys traveling and watching his kids participate in music programs.

One of his more interesting projects was founding the Anoka County Record, a free weekly newspaper that caused some debate over its legality. He eventually chose not to continue publication after experiencing significant losses in revenue. He’s served in both the Minnesota Senate and as mayor of Roseville; most recently he has been appointed by Governor Dayton to the board directors for Minnesota’s largest garbage hauler – Garbage Haulers for Citizen Choice.

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