John Pinion

John Pinion

John Pinion is the Chief Quality Operations Officer and Executive Vice President of Analytical Sciences & Research at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical. With extensive experience in global manufacturing and quality leadership roles for biologic, pharmaceutical, and device operations.

He joined Ultragenyx in July 2015 as Chief Quality Officer and EVP of Analytical Sciences and Research, overseeing all translational sciences functions including Pharmacology/Toxicology, Research, and Bioanalytic Development. Furthermore, he takes part in business development and strategic planning activities.

Early Life and Education

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Pinion has been a political commentator and entrepreneur in New York since the 1970s. He unsuccessfully ran against Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer for Senate majority leader in 2022 and prioritized crime, inflation, immigration and education among his top issues.

Professional Career

Pinion boasts an impressive professional history with over 25 years of global experience in quality and manufacturing management for biologic, pharmaceutical, and device operations. He has held various roles within Genentech with increasing responsibilities such as Vice President for External Quality and most recently Senior Vice President and Global Head of Quality for Roche/Genentech Pharma Technical Operations.

He has also served as a political news commentator and is running for Senate in New York State. His campaign objectives include eliminating poverty among working-class New Yorkers, linking university tuition costs to earning potential, and forgiving student loan debt.

He takes a stand on issues such as Paycheck Fairness and Equity, benefits for veterans, climate change mitigation, strengthening Medicare, and sustainable hunting and fishing practices. With 1,000 volunteers behind him, he plans to run a grassroots campaign with these objectives in mind.

Achievements and Honors

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Personal Life

John Pinion is a passionate political junkie, as well as an accomplished businessman and proud parent of three. He loves technology and enjoys playing golf and spending time outdoors. One of his most renowned roles was as the Vice President of Technology at Ultragenyx, leading the charge on biotechnology innovation. Much of their success can be attributed to his innovative approach in bringing ideas to market. He was an innovator and leader in the creation and deployment of enterprise-wide technology, as well as a visionary in his quest to bring transparency and accountability to scientific laboratories. Innovations like one-to-one matching and cloning, a single data management model that is both secure and streamlined, as well as standardized processes based on a unified communication platform have all but eliminated the shortcomings of the old guard and created space for an exciting new breed of corporate innovators.

Net Worth

John Pinion is a veteran sportscaster and MLB radio play-by-play announcer for the St. Louis Cardinals, estimated to have an net worth of approximately $1 million.

He owns several rental properties in his hometown of Yonkers, New York and possesses an expansive social media following with thousands of followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

He derives the majority of his net worth from Lone Star Funds, a private equity firm he founded. This business invests in distressed debt and other financial assets.

He owns a real estate business and several high-end cars, and is the son of former Congressman Richard Pinion. A well-known TV anchor with an impressive social media following, he strives to be an inspiring father by giving back both time and money.

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