John Piotti

John Piotti – Maine Farmland Trust President

John Piotti has dedicated over two decades to working on Maine farm issues. Soon he will step down as president of the Maine Farmland Trust to lead a national organization that assists farmers and safeguards their land.

He believes farmers have the capacity to feed the world, and Maine has plenty of potential in this regard. With his help, he hopes this vision can come true.

Early Life and Education

Piotti’s early education was focused on his family and farm. Growing up on Nantucket Island, he initially intended to design sailboats but ultimately chose to work in agricultural issues and support farmers in maintaining their land.

As executive director of Maine Farmland Trust, he worked to protect 40,000 acres of farmland and help 480 farm families remain on their land. This experience has enabled him to bring that expertise to American Farmland Trust – the nation’s leading nonprofit dedicated to conserving farmland and supporting farmers – establishing itself as an authoritative voice on this topic.

He joined AFT in July 2016, bringing with him 30 years of executive management and public policy experience to this storied organization that spearheaded conservation agriculture. Under his direction, AFT has conducted the most comprehensive study of American land use ever conducted, secured billions in federal funding to protect farmland and promote climate-smart agriculture practices, and launched new initiatives that promote regenerative farming techniques and empower next generation farmers.

Professional Career

John Piotti has been at the forefront of sustainable agriculture since its inception, first in his home state of Maine and later nationally. In 2016, he was elected President of American Farmland Trust, reinvigorating this iconic organization that spearheaded conservation agriculture practices.

A man with an equally impressive professional career, baseball fanatic and food enthusiast alike, has achieved great success through his efforts. But what truly defines his life story isn’t just about baseball or helping farmers protect their land; it’s the positive influence he has had on communities throughout the years through various initiatives he founded such as Maine Farmland Trust which has supported 500 farmers and protected 50,000 acres over the past decade.

Achievements and Honors

John Piotti has been at the forefront of sustainable agriculture since 1990, first in his home state of Maine and now across America. As president of American Farmland Trust, he has helped secure billions in federal funding for agricultural conservation easements and launched new initiatives that promote environmentally-conscious farming practices, combat climate change, and provide support to next generation farmers.

His greatest achievement has been his work for the community. He currently serves on the boards of Coastal Enterprises, Maine Farms Project and Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Working Group as well as being a member of American Institute of Architects and National Trust for Historic Preservation. For his achievements and leadership he has received numerous honors including TED award for best large-scale innovation.

Personal Life

Piotti is an esteemed statewide nonprofit leader who has assisted more than 500 Maine farms remain profitable. He joined American Farmland Trust as president in July 2016, bringing with him over 25 years of executive management and public policy expertise to the organization.

Under his direction, AFT conducted the most comprehensive land use study ever undertaken, secured billions of dollars in federal funding to protect and promote climate-smart agriculture, launched new initiatives that promote regenerative farming techniques, combat climate change, and empower next-generation farmers.

He was born on Nantucket Island and developed an affinity for rural communities. Since the early 1990s, he has been at the forefront of sustainable agriculture – first within his home state and now nationally.

Net Worth

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