John Pizzuro

John Pizzuro

John Pizzuro is a retired Lieutenant with the New Jersey State Police who has been investigating criminal investigations for 22 years in Homicide, Organized Crime, Corruption, Fraud and Drug Trafficking. Currently he serves as Commander of an Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force in his region.

His expertise in these areas has given him a unique perspective on human behavior, making him a sought-after presenter at conferences involving child exploitation.

Early Life and Education

John Pizzuro is a 25-year veteran of the New Jersey State Police who specializes in criminal investigations. Throughout his career he managed and led investigations into fraud, organized crime, human trafficking, drug trafficking, as well as online child exploitation – just to name a few.

He earned several awards during his time with the State Police for excellence in law enforcement and innovation. Additionally, he was trained to utilize advanced security tools, tactics and strategies as well as digital forensics. Nowadays he serves as CEO for Raven – an organization dedicated to protecting children from online grooming and child exploitation. As a sought-after presenter at conferences related to these topics, his personal life experiences have made him an expert on leadership, mindset, technology and high impact performance.

Professional Career

He is a veteran of The New Jersey State Police with experience in fraud, organized crime, corruption, homicide, terrorism and online child exploitation investigations. Additionally, his knowledge of stress and trauma and its effect on law enforcement personnel, their families and the public is extensive.

John has achieved remarkable success as the commander of a regional Internet crimes against children task force, increasing productivity by 75 percent. Additionally, John has extensive expertise in leadership training, communication skills, technology and high-impact performance. A passionate speaker who consults regularly with nonprofit organizations, law enforcement agencies, corporations and academic settings alike; John holds certification as a master neuro-linguistic practitioner and has created programs on human behavior, leadership skills, resilience and communication that provide anyone with the tools needed to improve their lives and businesses.

Achievements and Honors

John Pizzuro was a 22 year veteran New Jersey State Police Lieutenant who specialized in criminal investigations. Throughout his career, he oversaw complex multijurisdictional and multi-faceted projects involving fraud, terrorism, organized crime, human trafficking, homicide and online child exploitation.

Over his tenure, he earned valuable credentials, earned many awards and developed expertise in cutting-edge security tools, technologies and tactics – such as cybersecurity and digital forensics. He is widely regarded as an online child exploitation/child trafficking and cyber security subject matter expert (SME) with comprehensive investigative, leadership and technical abilities.

As Commander of a regional Internet Crimes Against Children task force, John’s innovative leadership and partnership strategies resulted in increased productivity of 100% over three years. As an experienced speaker and consultant, his passion is spreading awareness on Internet technology; cybersecurity issues; leadership; resilience; communication; performance improvement; personal transformation techniques – all with the goal of increasing productivity throughout organizations.

Personal Life

John Pizzuro is a former commander of the New Jersey Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force who has served in law enforcement for over 25 years and investigated and led complex multijurisdictional investigations involving fraud, terrorism, organized crime, human trafficking, homicide and online child exploitation.

He is currently self-employed as a Strategic and Business Development Consultant. He has created programs on Human Behavior and Neuroscience that illustrate its relevance to real life behavior.

He has created a framework for other countries to investigate child sexual exploitation (CSAM), through the International Center of Missing & Exploited Children. Additionally, he speaks frequently on online grooming, child exploitation and trafficking in children.

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