John Radabaugh

John Radabaugh

Judge John Radabaugh is a retired attorney and judge. He previously served as public defender and prosecutor.

Radabaugh was appointed to the Tenth Circuit bench in 2008 following the retirement of Circuit Judge Charles Lee Brown and served until 2021.

Early Life and Education

On July 2, 1836, John Radabaughh was born in East Pennsboro township, Cumberland county and quickly established himself as a prominent citizen of his community.

He was an experienced cooper and expert in lumber transactions, as well as a respected member of both local and state government.

He was elected to the Tenth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida in 2008, having earned his law degree from Miami University and completing his legal studies at University of Toledo College of Law.

He has served on the Florida Supreme Court from 2008 to 2010, and was reelected in 2011. Nominated to run again for reelection in 2021, Judge Rodriguez boasts a net worth of $1 million dollars; he and his wife Ursula reside in Lakeland.

Professional Career

John was the star of a Broadway musical and made several guest appearances in movies. In 1930, he earned the coveted title of “King of Jazz,” earning him $75 per week and immortalization in cinematic history.

He was also a detective sergeant with the Delaware Ohio Police Department and chaired their sexual assault response team. Known for his compassion towards victims of crime, he earned himself a place of honor within his organization.

He was not only an accomplished runner, but a devout churchgoer as well. Before moving to St. Louis in 2021, he and his wife Heidi volunteered at a parish within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis where they formed a framework for young adult ministry that involved building disciples from within their congregation – an ideal fit since they already had some experience in this area. But they wanted to make even greater impacts.

Achievements and Honors

John Radabaugh was a leader who left an imprint on both his community and profession. As long-time detective sergeant with the Delaware Police Department, he worked tirelessly to advocate for sexual assault victims as chair of the Delaware County Sexual Assault Response Team and member of several boards.

He also led a team of volunteer firefighters and search-and-rescue professionals, trained at Gainesville Regional Airport. Additionally, he brought Walk-A-Mile (in her shoes), an annual national event to Delaware.

In February 2014, Jonny Radabaugh went missing. A massive search ensued, involving dozens of deputies from Marion County Sheriff’s Office and volunteers from around the country as they searched through thick woods near their home.

Personal Life

Circuit Judge John Radabaugh is a man of many talents. He was previously both public defender and prosecutor, as well as being an active member of both the Florida Bar and Florida State Bar Foundation.

He was an active member of the Knights of Columbus, American Legion and Williams County Dairy Association. Additionally, he had a passion for sports – especially football!

He was a humorous man with an eye for the dramatic. He loved spending time with his wife and daughter Kim, as well as spending quality time with their large brood of grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Unfortunately, his passing will be a devastating loss to all those close to him; therefore, we must remember his life by remembering its many accomplishments through sharing his story with others.

Net Worth

John Radabaugh has an estimated net worth of $1 million. He resides in Lakeland, Florida with his wife Ursula and they have one daughter. As a circuit judge, John receives an annual salary of $145,080; additionally, he serves as lobbyist for the state of Florida.

He was born in Long Beach, California on January 8, 1910 as the second of five children to Ralph and Fay Radabaugh. As a scholar at Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, he studied oil painting and mask-making while working part time as a maintenance man, custodian, soda jerk to support himself financially. For some time he even served as “artist to the stars,” earning himself an income while remaining active within his church community as a member of the United Methodist Church.

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