John Raffan

John Raffan

John Raffan is a renowned Canadian author who has penned several books about canoeing and undertaken numerous major expeditions. His most recent publication, Ice Walker, examines the relationship between humans and nature through twenty-four months of polar bear adventures on Hudson Bay.

He is a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University and an expert on science/chemistry education. His research interests range from assessment and curriculum development to science technology integration in society as well as educational links with industry.

Early Life and Education

John Raffan has always had an adventurous spirit, and he spent his youth reading books about Jules Verne’s Arctic expedition. But when he ventured north for the first time in 1977, he discovered that wilderness was much more complex than his childhood books had depicted.

He’s become immersed in a cycle of trips north that he perceives as an ongoing education. Yet he questions if this pace will remain sustainable amid climate change.

Ice Walker, Raffan’s most recent book, addresses this dilemma. It tells a tale about polar bears and humans alike, yet also explores humanity’s relationship with nature. Ultimately, this book urges us to reconsider what we want for ourselves–and our future bears–and hopefully serves as an inspiring inspiration to make the world a better place for all living things.

Professional Career

John Raffan boasts an impressive list of accomplishments, but his most renowned accolade is being an experienced traveler. His extensive worldly credentials make him the envy of many in the travel industry, and as a side hustle he produces award winning travel guides, ephemera and photography for sale – in addition to serving as resident explorer every year. Additionally he teaches students at local museums and libraries while earning several coveted awards for his work as a tour guide.

He is an enthusiastic believer in the altruistic arts, and enjoys a good glass of vino or two. But what truly stands out about his job is the opportunity to connect with new people and watch them blossom.

Personal Life

James Raffan has dedicated his life to exploring Canada’s wilderness. He has made over 30 major expeditions across Canada, traveling by canoe, kayak, dog sled and snowshoes.

He is an acclaimed Canadian author and historian who has published multiple books about the Canadian North. His works are highly valued resources for their insightful understanding of this region of Canada, often quoted and highly-regarded for their insightful perspectives.

He has authored many books about the Hudson’s Bay Company, a significant fur trading firm in Canadian history. Additionally, he wrote Ice Walker, a fictional tale about an Arctic bear trying to find its place in the world.

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