John Raffoul

John Raffoul, DPA ’02, Puts Patients First

John Raffoul is the president of Adventist Health White Memorial, one of Los Angeles’ oldest hospitals. As part of their network of hospitals, this 353-bed not-for-profit facility has been serving its community since 1913.

He has led the medical center to exceptional performance in patient experience, associate engagement and operations. Furthermore, he oversaw a $250 million project to rebuild the center according to seismic retrofit laws.

Early Life and Education

Raffoul was raised in a rural farming town of Southern Ontario and developed an unbreakable work ethic which he put to good use during summers picking tomatoes or working at factories during fall. It was this same drive which inspired him to begin playing guitar at age 15!

He quickly made a name for himself on the local music scene, performing over 200 shows annually – both acoustic and with a full band. His unique vocal range and ability to cover classic rock classics from Plant, Daltrey, Marriott, McCartney, The Beatles and others earned him an avid following.

After ten years of success, he returned to the studio and recorded his third album, Like a Star in 2004. This release garnered international recognition with its track Light of Day, which earned him an opening spot for Bon Jovi in New Jersey.

Professional Career

John Raffoul has dedicated his career to serving patients first. Currently, he serves as president of Adventist Health White Memorial, a 353-bed teaching hospital that sees more than 245,000 patients annually.

His leadership at the medical center has yielded several notable accomplishments, such as being named the first hospital in Los Angeles to win a Malcom Baldrige award for performance excellence. Additionally, his data-driven strategy has enabled a 20% reduction in hospital-acquired infections.

He has earned himself numerous accolades, such as being named among the 25 most influential executives in health care by Healthgrades – receiving their highest honors in their annual ranking. Despite all obstacles and difficulties, his leadership style has kept his hospital profitable and given his staff all necessary tools for success.

Achievements and Honors

John Raffoul, DPA ’02, has earned numerous accolades throughout his professional life. Additionally, he is an esteemed educator and currently teaches at the University of La Verne.

In addition to his teaching and management responsibilities, he serves as CEO of White Memorial Hospital in Los Angeles – part of Adventist Health network which serves low income neighborhoods of South Central LA.

One of his proudest achievements was saving the newly constructed hospital from complete demolition when construction costs spiraled out of control. This project showcased his extensive accounting, finance and information systems training. Furthermore, he played an instrumental role in improving patient experience through technological improvements at the medical center; leading it to become Los Angeles County’s first hospital to earn the Malcolm Baldrige award for performance excellence.

Personal Life

John Raffoul is a successful musician who was raised with strong family values and work ethics in Leamington, Ontario by his acclaimed regional musician father Jody Raffoul and creative writing/artist mother Yvonne Nader. Growing up in Leamington with strong values and an ambition for success were important aspects of his upbringing; thus he chose music to pursue as his career.

As a young boy, he began playing guitar and writing his own songs. Soon, he found an audience in the local music scene.

He would later go on to win Bon Jovi’s “Have a Nice Gig” contest, garnering national attention in the process.

He continues to perform over 200 shows annually, both acoustic and with a full band. Married and raising a family, he works hard to build a career that will enable him to pay his bills and provide for his family. Despite these obstacles, he never stops striving towards success.

Net Worth

John Raffoul is a singer-songwriter with an affinity for anthemic blues rock music and delicate songwriting, drawing inspiration from his family’s extensive musical legacy. Born in Ontario, Canada, he developed his talent while supporting regional acts such as Jeff Beck, Kings of Leon, and The Pixies.

His acoustic music has gained him many fans across America. In 1999, his album Simple Life was a soul-stirring record that explored themes of love and family.

He has also written songs inspired by his childhood in small-town Canada, and released two singles with Interscope Records before preparing to release an LP soon.

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