John Scape

John Scape

John has been moulded into an intensely determined individual through his service in the SPARTAN-II program. He stands firm by his beliefs that Sparta’s mission is to fight for humanity.

He holds the Spartan-II staff, including Cortana, Doctor Halsey and SCPO Mendez in high regard as his only family. They have always supported him throughout his journeys with them and hold him in high regard.

Early Life and Education

John Scaife’s childhood was filled with hardship and struggle. His family faced financial and social struggles, yet he remained determined to live a life of faith and devotion to Jesus Christ.

As a child, John attended local grammar schools and acquired the necessary skills to read, write and do basic arithmetic. Though his father disapproved, Smith became an apprentice to a merchant instead. Later he sequestered himself in Lord Willoughby’s property where he learned how to ride and joust while studying books about war rules and politics. This training enabled him to join an English army which then went on to fight Spanish forces in France and The Netherlands before returning home.

Professional Career

John was a professional tennis player who reached the semi-finals at both US Open and Wimbledon. He was twice USTA Boys’ 18 national and clay court champion, as well as teaming up with Luke Jensen to win France junior doubles title in 1983.

John had an illustrious career, but his real passion lay in manipulating and controlling the human brain. He believed that by manipulating it, he could improve human happiness and thus increase his own well-being. With help from computer specialists, forensic psychologists, physiologists he created a sophisticated computer program capable of recognizing suspects’ personalities, emotions and motivations to uncover their true intentions.

Achievements and Honors

John is an experienced landscape architect who specializes in designing in-water infrastructure, public shorelines and waterfront parks. His designs address issues related to climate change and habitat loss as well as social inequity.

He serves as Chairman of SCAPE, a company dedicated to creating businesses and local jobs. For his contributions to the community, he has been recognized.

John has earned numerous awards and recognition throughout his career as an accomplished landscape architect. He led the design of several noteworthy projects such as Be’er Sheva Quarry Park in Israel, New Stapleton Waterfront Park and First Avenue Water Plaza; additionally he serves as mentor and investor in numerous local companies. Furthermore, John was recognized with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Morris County Board of Freeholders.

Personal Life

John Scaife is no ordinary man of the cloth. As a self-described family man, he and his wife Kendall have grown to adore their four energetic children (yes, they even take on the role of chauffeur!). John has an aptitude for success at all costs while offering up an entertaining evening. A strong believer in positive thinking, John enjoys reading The Washington Post daily and regularly takes to the airwaves to promote his favorite cause: advocating for immigrant rights here in America.

John Scaife stands out with his unyielding commitment to doing the right thing and doing it well. His clients know he will go the extra mile for them, giving them an edge over competitors by staying abreast of technology advances and cultivating a culture of exemplary customer service. Whether you’re searching for your first home or trying to sell your current place, John will guide you through every step of the process with grace and efficiency.

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