John Scaramuzzo

John Scaramuzzo

John Scaramuzzo is an expert in storage technology. He previously held positions at Maxtor, Seagate and SanDisk before departing Western Digital last May to pursue consulting opportunities.

Scaramuzzo is a senior executive business and innovation leader for Western Digital’s technology department, as well as co-founder of Beacon Technologies – an Internet development firm with hundreds of clients around the world. Additionally, he has served in government contracts through subcontracts with Accenture and KPMG.

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Professional Career

John Scaramuzzo is a well-known figure in the storage industry, having held senior positions at Maxtor and Seagate technology. During his time there, Seagate took an innovative step toward becoming an integrated storage provider – something not many others had been able to accomplish recently. John not only holds many skillsets but he’s also dedicated to his family and enjoys playing golf regularly.

Scaramuzzo has long been an integral part of Longmont’s business community and recently co-founded one of Longmont’s most esteemed business awards, the Scaramuzzo Technology Award. Given annually to a select group of technology companies in Colorado, this award honors their innovation and technological superiority.

Achievements and Honors

He was not only one of the founding members of Beacon Technologies, but he also pioneered using the Internet for business purposes. Since the mid-nineties, he has been a pioneering force in data storage technology and an acclaimed visionary when it comes to enterprise data management. His many accomplishments include creating the Xtreme Data Management Platform (XDMP), which allows users to access data anytime, from any device. Many companies have adopted this technology into their products and services. He is also co-author of “Storaensis: An Enterprise Data Management Approach”, a must read for any business or organization seeking to maximize the use of its data assets.

Personal Life

John Scaramuzzo’s personal life was profoundly shaped by his family and faith. Born in 1932, he wed Grace Marie Doherty (1932-2017), whom sadly passed away in 2017. They had two daughters whom he cherished dearly; spending time with them was something special for him.

He had many friends and enjoyed socializing and playing cards. Additionally, he enjoyed music and sports. Furthermore, he and his wife were members of St. Charles parish in Oakwood section of Staten Island.

He retired in 2015 and joined ArchCare’s Senior Life PACE program. On February 21 at Carmel Richmond Nursing Home on Old Town Road in Staten Island, their vow renewal ceremony was conducted by Father Louis Jerome with their son Douglas speaking on their behalf.

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