John Schaufele

John Schaufele

John Schaufele is an accomplished businessman with a longstanding career in the energy sector. In addition to his professional expertise, John also enjoys sports, technology and both physical and human sciences.

He currently serves as director for The Energy & Minerals Group (EMG) and serves as an officer of several private equity firms. With 14 years of experience in the energy sector, his knowledge is invaluable.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

John Schaufele is an accomplished business leader and philanthropist who was one of the early to recognize the potential in emerging growth markets. He has held various senior management positions, and currently oversees Tailwater Capital’s energy and infrastructure portfolios.

He is an enthusiastic otologist and collector of technology memorabilia, having built up an impressive collection of vintage and contemporary watches over his career. His most recent achievement is the acquisition of Freestone, a high-tech energy infrastructure company headquartered in Dallas led by CEO Alan Boswell. As for other duties, he is accountable for driving innovation at the firm while ensuring everyone stays in a state of learning and discovery. Moreover, he oversees public relations and communications functions including its award-winning blog.

Achievements and Honors

Schaufele, a native Texan, achieved greatness on both the football field and in the gym during his college days at Manhattanville. Earning All-Conference honors for his play in the midfield, making some of football’s toughest tackles, and being part of their run to third place finish in 2014 CCCAA Division II Tournament, Schaufele was an integral part of their success.

With a career spanning over two decades, Schaufele has been part of numerous high-profile projects and always seeks out new challenges and opportunities to take advantage of. He is an avid partner of AEG, where he most recently served as SVP of Global Partnerships at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Additionally, he founded Speedway Motor Racing Club – a not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting youth motorsports within its local community.

Personal Life

John Schaufele is a director at The Energy & Minerals Group with extensive industry expertise in natural resources. Prior to that he served as Managing Director at Freestone, an investment portfolio company of Tailwater that invests in businesses fostering the transition towards a lower carbon economy through recycling initiatives, environmental services and disruptive technologies that offer attractive economic value propositions without government subsidy.

He is married to Rennie Schaufele and has three adult married children. His passion lies in serving God by equipping believers to live lives that make an impact in their community. His interests range from business and sports to technology; however his faith remains at the forefront of everything he does – especially attending church services regularly!

Net Worth

John Schaufele’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $1 million, earned through his PGA Tour career and business investments. Additionally, he is a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame and an executive director for Tailwater Capital – a private equity investment firm focused on energy sector investing; in addition to this he serves on several company boards as well. Additionally, John is married to Maya Lowe.

His brother Samuel Wyly and their former stockbroker Louis Schaufele all pled guilty to securities fraud and agreed to pay a total of $498,693. Additionally, they contributed large sums to conservative causes and Republican candidates; these donations are credited with helping President Bush reelect in 2004. In 2008 they made headlines when accused of engaging in massive tax-payer fraud.

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