John Schifano

John Schifano – Holly Springs Town Attorney

John Schifano is the full time Town Attorney for Holly Springs and is responsible for drafting ordinances, representing the Town in court, and handling civil matters such as land condemnation, contract disputes and bill collection.

He provides legal counsel to the Town Council and department heads on various matters. For inquiries, you may reach him at 931-435-8060.

Early Life and Education

Early childhood is an incredibly influential period in a child’s development. What they experience and encounter during this period will shape who they become as adults – including their long-term health, mental clarity and emotional stability.

These years are crucial in developing children’s brain architecture, which will shape their future learning, behavior and health. A strong foundation provides children with the necessary tools to thrive as adults and reach their highest potentials.

Early childhood education (ECE) refers to both formal and informal programs that foster a child’s growth and development from birth until age five. There are various types of ECE available, so it’s essential that you find one that best meets your family’s requirements.

Achievements and Honors

John Schifano is an illustrious baseball player who played for UC Davis. He earned three All-Northern California Athletic Conference first-team selections during his college career and is a member of the UC Davis Baseball Hall of Fame. Additionally, John was part of the Aggies team which won the 1995 regional championship and advanced to the NCAA Division II College World Series; furthering his accolades as both a baseball great and award-winning artist.

He is currently the Director of Basketball Operations for SF State, having previously served as head assistant coach at Los Gatos High School in California where he helped guide their program to 90 wins in four seasons and earned them Coach of the Year 2006; further recognition for his leadership abilities earned him inclusion on President’s Honor List in 2007.

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