John Steinhilber

John Steinhilber on the Board of Directors of the

Indiana High School Athletic Association

John Steinhilber of Hebron Baseball Coach appreciates nothing more than seeing a student-athlete hoist their state championship medal around their neck. That is why he’s serving his second term on the Indiana High School Athletic Association Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

John is an education advocate who represents colleges, universities and school districts in civil rights cases, educational funding disputes, government investigations, enforcement actions against agencies and class action lawsuits. He has represented clients before federal courts throughout the US as well as before the United States Supreme Court.

Early Life and Education

Early years in a child’s life are critical for their cognitive skills, social and emotional development, and moral outlook. These form the basis for all future learning, behavior and health outcomes.

It’s also an opportune moment for physical and emotional development, as the brain continues to expand rapidly. A solid foundation sets children up for a long, productive, and healthy life.

UNESCO believes that early childhood education that is inclusive fosters holistic development, gender equality and social cohesion. It is one of the most beneficial investments a country can make for its population.

John Steinhilber is an educator always searching for ways to enhance his classroom and help students learn more effectively. With a passion for children and education, he strives to ensure all students have the resources they need.

Professional Career

John has been representing colleges, universities and school districts against litigation and government investigations for over four decades. An accomplished litigator, he has successfully tried cases in federal and state courts across the country, appealed cases in nearly every federal judicial circuit and represented clients before the United States Supreme Court.

In addition to his legal aptitude, he also possess an exceptional knack for building rapport with federal regulators and civil rights groups. These connections have enabled him to win many of his most significant cases and expedite resolutions for clients.

A rewarding aspect of his legal career has been being able to give back to those communities which have supported him. For instance, he sits on the boards of several non-profit organizations that promote educational opportunities for children and families throughout Northern Virginia, as well as beyond.

Achievements and Honors

Budd Steinhilber was an esteemed industrial designer with a long list of accomplishments and honors to his name. His designs included the Tucker automobile, Antioch College’s logo, and Electronic Arts branding. Additionally, he created numerous other products like Caballito electric scooter which aimed to reduce global warming pollution levels.

He was an accomplished artist, producing two watercolors and an excellent comic book. He is best remembered for his involvement on IDSA’s Environmental Responsibility Committee, for which he received recognition by IDSA. The Budd Steinhilber Papers contain biographical material, artwork, clippings, photographs, slides, digital photographs and writings organized by subject and type. The largest section contains more than 500 35mm slides showcasing significant design and technological accomplishments.

Personal Life

John Steinhilber’s personal life has been relatively tranquil over the years. He and his wife of 21 years have one daughter who resides in Metro-Atlanta.

At age 12, former Hebron baseball coach and current Hebron athletics director Josh Hoard began playing percussion and mallet keyboards, which quickly led him to discover his love of jazz music. After studying at Berklee, he worked on cruise ships where he developed his bandleading abilities.

He enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time at church. A member of the Methodist Church, he has served in youth ministry, foreign mission work and pastoral duties. Furthermore, he served on both the board of directors and executive committee for Indiana High School Athletic Association.

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