John Stink

John Stink

John Stink was an Osage hermit rumored to have passed away and then come back to life – possibly more than once.

Legends of his death and resurrection are told throughout Osage country.

Once Stink was declared deceased, he was interred on Bacon Rind Hill near Pawhuska with a variety of Indian trophies and “medicine mysteries.”

Early Life and Education

John Stink’s childhood was not without hardships. His father was away at sea, leaving his mother Julia to care for him alone.

John was living in York, a city approximately 300 miles north of London, when he started attending schools. Most were private and designed to educate the poor.

Ultimately, he attended Dodsworth School in central York (1819 map, lower right). This school was more cost-effective than others and its curriculum included reading, writing, arithmetic, the Scriptures, and music.

He was an industrious student who loved mathematics and natural history. Additionally, his grades were excellent; his father had hoped he would become a minister and eventually graduate from Harvard.

Professional Career

John Travolta has had one of the most remarkable professional careers in Hollywood history. He starred in some iconic films like Get Shorty (1995), Savages (2012) and Old Dogs (2009), often being credited with kick-starting modern day action movies.

His most renowned role was as the lead character on the hit television series Welcome Back, Kotter (later renamed to The Big Bang Theory). Throughout his illustrious career he earned two prestigious aviation awards and served on several high-profile boards. Despite all this success, he remains humble to this day; doing it all for charity. The next big thing for him is anchoring FOX Sports and FS1’s football coverage – something many are excited about!

Achievements and Honors

John Stink was one of the more colorful members of the Osage tribe and a beloved figure within their community. A daring swashbuckler with an infectious laugh, John left many friends and family in despair when he passed away. However, being a man of the gods allowed him to return multiple times as a mystical spirit who offered assistance and comfort throughout his journey. Eventually though, this prominent member chose to depart the land of the living dead for more permanent residence; ultimately being rewarded with luxurious amenities including his own private golf cart and large allotment of real estate.

Mark “Stink” Schlereth has been an avid fan of the game for most of his adult life, earning him numerous accolades and awards. From winning three Super Bowl rings to participating in two Pro Bowls and making numerous TV appearances, his passion for football has made him one of Washington D.C.’s best known and beloved athletes.

Personal Life

John Stink was an iconic member of the Osage tribe, inspiring local legend to tell its tale.

The Osage people believed that Stink had died from smallpox and been buried by them in full Indian ceremonies. Legend has it that he then came back to life and resided among us forevermore.

His personal life began with his marriage to actress Emily Blunt in 2014. Their daughter Hazel Grace was born on February 16, 2014; while Violet followed two months later. The couple has two dogs and are active members in their community; they enjoy biking and skiing as well as volunteering for local causes. When not home in Pawhuska, Oklahoma they reside in a stunning home built specifically for them on their property.

Net Worth

John Stink boasts a net worth of approximately $1 million, the majority of which he earned through his acting career. Additionally, he owns property in Pawhuska, Oklahoma and is well known for his role as Victor Kiriakis on Days of Our Lives; which earned him nominations for Emmy awards according to Soap Opera Digest. In addition, Stink has appeared in numerous films and plays throughout the years since being born on April 17th 1942 in Buffalo New York.

His latest project, “Stink!” is an independent film that examines the dangers of toxic chemicals and their consequences on human health. It includes footage from the director’s wife’s battle with breast cancer; though he avoids linking it specifically to any chemical, he does give screen time to advocates who provide statistics and research.

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