John Stordahl

John Stordahl

John Stordahl is a renowned musician, composer and arranger best known for his collaborations with Frank Sinatra on songs such as “I Should Care” and “Singing Winds.”

Stordahl has recently been promoted to Senior Vice President and General Merchandise Manager at Neiman Marcus, where she will share responsibility for women’s apparel with Butch Mullins.

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Professional Career

John Stordahl had an illustrious career as an electrical engineer at Erie Mining Company and Minnesota Power. During his tenure there, he earned an award for his luxurious office space that featured desk lamps and a comfortable new chair – plus it came complete with its own kitchenette! Plus he got to enjoy free lunch with the boss! Among all of Stordahl’s awards and honors, the gold medal for customer service excellence stood out among them all.

Stordahl never wanted to rest on his laurels despite the success of his career. He made numerous charitable donations and served on the boards of several civic, arts and sports organizations.

Achievements and Honors

John Stordahl has earned an impressive array of awards and recognition throughout his long and illustrious career, the crown jewel being his title as Chief Executive Officer of the Year. Additionally, he is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost authorities on climate change issues.

His professional journey began upon graduation from Texas A&M in 1973 and he has been actively involved with some of the leading organizations in healthcare such as the National Association for Environmental Health and Safety, American Academy of Physician Assistants, and Association for Community Organizations for Aging Research. While his accomplishments span multiple fields and departments, none more so than his commitment to improving healthcare delivery; his leadership style and exemplary conduct have been an inspiration to peers for years.

Personal Life

John Stordahl was a former musician and composer who collaborated with Frank Sinatra on numerous hits such as You’ll Never Know, Saturday Night Is the Loneliest Night of the Week and Mam’selle. This partnership lasted ten years before it ended due to health complications.

After Columbia Records discontinued Sinatra and Stordahl after their 1942 album The Voice, Capitol signed them to a contract. They made one more album, Point of No Return.

At this time, Sinatra employed several ghost writers to help arrange songs for his live performances. These authors often began the arrangements but when Stordahl wasn’t available to finish them, they’d pass the project along to another arranger; examples include arrangements started by Billy May and finished by Nelson Riddle.

Net Worth

John Stordahl has achieved great success through hard work and success. Additionally, his astute investing has contributed significantly towards building up his fortune.

He invests in companies that support the food trade, such as logistics, cold storage and food safety. Additionally, he has acquired shares in several private firms.

He enjoys music, particularly Exotica. His collection includes albums such as ‘The Lure Of The Blue Mediterranean’ and ‘Jasmine & Jade’.

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