John Sunday

John Sunday

John Sunday is one of many Black Pensacolaans who played a significant role in Reconstruction-era city government. As both landowner and businessman, he had an immense impact on his community.

As a skilled carpenter, he leveraged his abilities to break into the building industry. Eventually, his success allowed him to fund his own construction company that constructed hundreds of homes throughout the area.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

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In honor of Black History Month, WUWF joined forces with students from N.B. Cook Elementary School of the Arts to create a short play about John Sunday House that won second place in its performance category at Escambia School District History Fair.

Achievements and Honors

Sunday was an accomplished African American business contractor and community leader. He also held a significant political position in Pensacola, while building many homes throughout the city that still stand today.

In recognition of John Sunday, Jr.’s accomplishments, the City of Pensacola has renamed a small plaza on the north end of City Hall in 2021 as John Sunday, Jr. Plaza with granite base and bronze plaque will be unveiled shortly. On Thursday, August 25th at 2pm there will be a dedication ceremony followed by an informal celebration immediately afterwards – all free and open to everyone! These types of events provide us with an opportunity to reflect upon our past while looking towards the future together.

Personal Life

John Sunday was born in Pensacola, Florida to a white man and an enslaved woman. His father was murdered, leaving Sunday to be raised by his mother.

He achieved success as a businessman, building several homes. Additionally, he held multiple political posts during Reconstruction-era Pensacola.

He then took a stand against Jim Crow laws that forced Black businesses out of downtown, refusing to surrender and encouraging others to move their operations to Belmont-DeVilliers neighborhood.

As part of their celebration of Black History Month, WUWF reached out to fifth grade students at N.B. Cook Elementary School of the Arts to create a short play about an iconic local resident, known as “John Sunday House”. Their performance, entitled “John Sunday House,” won second place in Escambia School District’s History Fair performance category.

Net Worth

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John Sunday was a prominent businessman in Pensacola, Florida during the late 1800s. He served as both city alderman and member of the state Legislature.

His family roots were Dutch and his wife was a biracial slave. During the Civil War, he joined the Union army and served with its troops in Louisiana.

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