John Super

John Super

John is an employment law specialist, handling cases involving claims of discrimination, harassment and other workplace misconduct.

He is an experienced appellate advocate, regularly appearing before federal courts of appeals.

Early Life and Education

John was raised in Burlington, Vermont by his father who worked as a laborer but still managed to send his son to private school.

His family may not have had much money, but his father was an ardent worker and instilled in him a strong work ethic. This gave him a sense of purpose and ambition that would last throughout life.

He was very involved in his community, taking part in many activities. Additionally, he enjoyed traveling and hiking.

Super believed that people play many roles during their lifetimes. He depicted this idea with a rainbow of roles arranged horizontally across what he called “life space,” an area dedicated to reflecting upon one’s own existence.

Professional Career

John Super’s professional career consisted of working as a professional assassin for various criminal organizations. He earned notoriety for his unmatched hyper-lethality and exceptional skill at eliminating enemies.

He was a member of the Ruska Roma organized crime group. His work for the organization earned him a reputation for efficiency and earned him respect from its leader Viggo Tarasov.

He eventually chose to retire from his career as an assassin and met Helen, whom he married. Together they became parents of three children.

Achievements and Honors

John Super has earned himself a number of distinctions for his legal work. He was inducted into the Oklahoma Super Lawyers Hall of Fame and consistently appears on Best Lawyers lists across various practice areas, from sports law to banking & finance. He has earned himself a number of accolades from clients and colleagues, most recently earning the top spot on Oklahoma’s Top 100 lawyers list. He is ranked number one among all state’s lawyers in both litigation and transactions, making him a sought-after legal counsel to both large and small businesses alike. Furthermore, his expertise as a litigator and transaction specialist have earned him praise from those around him; furthermore, he serves as an outstanding advocate for his clients. Aside from his illustrious client list, he remains active within his community as well as supporting charitable causes with passion.

Personal Life

John is an ardent family man and loves spending time with his wife Kelly and children Ella, Benjamin, and Jett. Additionally, John has two dogs of his own that he cherishes dearly.

He owns a fitness company, clothing brand and production house. Additionally, he travels both domestically and internationally each year for business.

His personal life has been very candid about his battle with smoking. In 2016, he finally quit and underwent a detox program to rid himself of nicotine addiction.

John has overcome many hardships, yet he remains content with his life. His family adores him and work keeps him busy. Plus, he recently got engaged to Alyssa Ingham! Want more stories like this delivered directly to your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletter now!

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