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John Supera Bio

John Supera is an affluent real estate investor based in Brisbane, Australia with a vast property portfolio that encompasses residential, commercial and tourism properties.

Michael Supera, his son, founded the family business in the 1960s with a focus on properties in Lincoln Park and other Northside neighborhoods. Nowadays, their firm owns approximately 1,300 apartments, according to Michael’s son.

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Professional Career

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Personal Life

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Supera’s father, Louis, founded a real estate firm in Lincoln Park during the 1940s. After his passing away, John Supera continued running it with an inherited strong work ethic and sense of responsibility for his tenants. He was known to take time out to address any needs at his properties or those around him; services will be held today in Chicago for Mickey Supera – longtime landlord on Chicago’s North Side who passed away last month at 77.

Net Worth

John Supera is estimated to have a net worth of $100 million. He is an accomplished real estate investor, owning properties on Chicago’s North Side.

His family has been in the real estate business for generations, beginning their journey in 1960 and slowly building a North Side portfolio over time.

They developed several major residential projects, including a two-tower, 400 unit condo development at 600 N. Lake Shore Drive and 195 unit building located at 530 N. Lake Shore Drive – both developed with Belgravia Realty Group.

They own various residential and commercial properties. A property management company takes care of all their maintenance requirements.

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