John Trevarthen

John Trevarthen, Ph.D., is an Expert in the Field

of Early Childhood Development

In January a Lombard police detective who works with the state attorney general’s Crimes Against Children Taskforce received a tip about videos containing child pornography being uploaded to a phone registered to a home in Lombard.

Investigators pulled Trevarthen over as he drove in Lombard and seized his iPhone. They also executed a search warrant at his home and seized an iPad.

Early Life and Education

John Trevarthen is an expert in the field of early child development and has published widely to share his research. He has also made a number of films that educate people on how children develop their senses and emotions.

He is a psychologist who studies children’s cognitive development and how they learn. He has a background in neuroscience and was a pioneer in using MRI scans to show the brain’s development in children.

He believes that children are by nature imaginative, concerned and sociable. They are eager to understand the world around them and want to share their stories with others.

Professional Career

Trevarthen is a prominent member of the scientific community and has wowed the crowds with his seminal work on the brain, infant communication and learning, and early childhood mental health. He was also the recipient of many awards and accolades during his career including the title of “best researcher in the field” from the prestigious Royal Society for the Arts.

As a result of this he has become a household name with both researchers and the general public. His most recent book, The First Year of Life: From Foetus to Neonate (2017), outlines his research in a way that is accessible and informative to those unfamiliar with the subject matter. Its three sections (from the earliest stages of pregnancy to the end of the neonatal period) contain the requisite case studies and a series of helpful pointers in the ‘Think about this’ section.

Achievements and Honors

john trevarthen was an outstanding athlete in high school. He lettered in baseball and football and was on the basketball team as well. He received All Conference honors in baseball and earned first team all state honors in football.

He was a member of the football team that won a Division II championship at the Camellia Bowl. He also had great success on the track team. He received all-upper peninsula honors in football and was an anchor on two relay teams that set records.

Bellwood police commander john trevarthen was charged with three counts of possession of child pornography after an investigation found that he accessed pornographic material through the department’s internet network. He was booked into the DuPage County jail Saturday, and bond was set for him at $150,000 with 10% to apply.

Personal Life

In mid-January, a detective with the Illinois Attorney General’s Crimes Against Children Task Force received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children regarding suspected child pornography videos and photographs that were allegedly uploaded on a smart phone file-sharing application.

According to prosecutors, a traffic stop was conducted on Trevarthen and his personal iPhone was seized. In addition, investigators executed a search warrant at his home and seized his iPad.

Upon reviewing the devices, police discovered that Trevarthen had viewed several child pornographic videos using a personal IP address and an IP address owned by the Village of Bellwood. Those videos were accessed through the file-sharing app Kik. During the investigation, authorities also retrieved evidence from a camera on Trevarthen’s iPhone.

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