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The Office’s John Wig

John Krasinski is a well-known actor, but few know that he once donned a wig during the third season of his show The Office.

He donned a hairpiece after showrunner Greg Daniels denied his request to cut his iconic Jim Halpert floppy mop top. To achieve the look, he even enlisted the assistance of show’s hair stylist Kim Ferry.

Early Life and Education

As a child, John Wig had little patience for schoolwork. His aspirations of becoming a minister like his dad inspired him to study harder in school but his parents wanted him to become more attentive during lessons.

John eventually decided to attend a more difficult school in an effort to become more focused in his studies and make his dream of becoming a minister come true.

He was raised in a close-knit family, free to explore his imagination. His fascination with fairy tale films led him to pursue an artistic career as an image maker, director and hair artist. Now living in New York City as cancer survivor, his work as a wig stylist has given him insight into those fighting this battle with compassion.

Professional Career

John Wig has been in the wig business for over two decades. In addition, he has served as wig stylist and supervisor on numerous theatrical productions, working alongside top hair artists such as Vidal Sassoon and Louis Licari. Additionally, John has toured around the world as a wig stylist.

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Achievements and Honors

John Wig is an award-winning actor, producer, director and musician who has made a name for himself as an accomplished multi-talented artist. While at UW-Green Bay he was the lead singer/songwriter for college sensation Endora and later served as musical director for San Francisco dance/electro band The Mumps. Later in LA he directed and produced The Beastly Bombing; an off-Broadway hit which earned him both an LA Weekly Theater Award for Best Musical as well as an Oscar nod for his performance as Vitas Gerulaitis in The Beastly Bombing film version starring Tom Hiddleson.

John Wig is a remarkable individual with an impressive education and successful career, but he also makes a contribution to his community through his involvement with Urban Hope and E-Hub programs. This award is given in recognition of his outstanding services to this cause.

Personal Life

John Wig’s personal life is filled with hair extensions! Some names will go down in history, others become legends – some even admit to wearing hair extensions to conceal their baldness!

John Krasinski’s iconic wig debacle on The Office was perhaps its most memorable example; he donned a wig to parody Dwight Schrute – but unfortunately for him and his fans who ended up getting duped.

On Season 3 of The Office, John tried to persuade his showrunner Greg Daniels to let him wear a wig; however, she refused. Instead of following suit, John got in his car and drove straight to Daniels’ office wearing only his cape! Ferry followed behind, worried about Krasinski’s behavior; this led to an argument which could have cost her her job!

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