Joseph Arongino

Joseph Arongino and Rebecca Mader

Joseph Arongino is a man. He possesses dark brown hair and is a Taurus. Currently residing in Cedarhurst, NY but previously having lived in Long Beach and New York City as well.

Vain, the new bar-lounge on Avenue A that replaced Arca when it closed down, was established by him with previous experience gained at Handle-Bar and Big Sur venues.

Early Life and Education

Joseph Arongino hails from Cambridge, England and holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from University of Bristol. Early in his career he worked as both television producer and writer; first on Crossing Jordan then later as co-writer/producer of Lost on ABC television; he has written many comic books as well as being represented by Innovative Artists out of Santa Monica. Since 2003 he was married to Rebecca Mader; together they had two children before divorcing in 2008. Although specifics regarding their separation date is unknown reportedly separated sometime around 2007 or 2008 or 2010. No current romantic relationships exist involving either party involved.

Professional Career

Joseph Arongino has been an actor for an extended period, appearing in multiple TV shows and movies. With an attractive face and captivating smile, Joseph makes for an excellent actor – currently appearing as Wicked Witch of the West Zelena on Once Upon A Time alongside Ginnifer Goodwin; additionally producing Do or Die reality show!

Personal Life

Rebecca Mader is beloved by both fans and crushes alike. A Taurus herself, Rebecca enjoys sensual pleasures like fine wines, gourmet food and luxurious baths as much as time with family and friends. At one time she was married to Joseph Arongino but their divorce took place in 2008. Since then she is currently engaged to Marcus Kayne. She plays Wicked Witch Zelena on ABC fantasy series Once Upon a Time as well as appearing in Lost and No Ordinary Family; Meryl Streep appeared with her as one of his characters in The Devil Wears Prada! Additionally she is mother to Milo (age 2) and Bailey (age 8), both whom are actively involved with various anti-bullying initiatives.

Net Worth

Rebecca Mader is an extremely successful and acclaimed actress with an estimated net worth of around $4 Million. She has put forth immense effort and sacrifice into achieving such phenomenal success and is an inspirational figure for aspiring actors and models alike.

She exudes an effortless calmness that comes through in her pictures and videos. She prefers keeping her personal life out of the public eye; being very private about it all. Currently she is married to Marcus Kayne whom she met after divorcing Joseph Arongino.

Milo was born to Milo and Amy together. Together they enjoy living a joyful and intimate lifestyle and remain very close; Amy regularly shares photos of them on social media accounts.

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