Judith Adams

Judith Adams – A Well-Known Actress

Judy Adams serves as Vice President of Human Resources for Goodwill of Greater Washington and oversees its 1000 employees spanning 20 retail stores, 2 warehouses, mission services division, charter high school operations and e-commerce operations.

Adams is well known for giving back at every opportunity. Her acts of generosity have allowed her to form strong connections throughout Little Rock.

Early Life and Education

Judy Adams was born April 30th 1939 in Buffalo, New York to Helen and Chester Matters.

Judith had an enjoyable and special childhood, making many lasting friendships that remain part of her life today.

She attended nursing school in Buffalo and began working at Millard Fillmore Hospital where she provided care to many patients over time.

After her retirement from nursing, she transitioned into teaching. She taught at both Shelby Baptist Christian School and Glen Iris Baptist School.

She cherished her job. Tears would come streaming down her face when she thought about all the time she spent with the children and she felt blessed that she could continue doing it so long. Unfortunately, though, as her body gets weaker she recognizes it’s time for a change and needs restorative rest herself.

Professional Career

Judy Adams has operated Catering to You in Little Rock for more than four decades and established one of its most esteemed businesses.

Many rely on her as their go-to person when planning events requiring food and service packages, such as banquets. She’s adept at creating custom solutions tailored specifically for each occasion.

She’s actively taken part in numerous local projects. At Pulaski Heights UMC, she serves on multiple boards and is an active fundraiser for Our House in Little Rock.

She’s also part of the TEC, an organization which encourages critical thinking and collaboration, inspiring leaders to make better decisions and ensure both their businesses and lives continue to thrive in times of change.

Achievement and Honors

Judith Adams achieved greatness through archery, earning herself the gold medal at the World Championships and becoming four-time Collegiate All-American and a member of the national team for 14 years.

Ron was an active supporter of Oregon State University for decades. Throughout his career in engineering, including serving as dean.

The Adamses also generously dedicate much of their time and resources to other endeavors, including Catering to You program that serves to feed exhausted staff at UAMS and elsewhere on short notice. They serve on boards at UAMS and Pulaski Heights United Methodist Church.

Judy was an enthusiastic champion for her students and their education, especially those underserved or with special needs. For this work she was honored with an Outstanding Service Award by California Community College EOPS Association in 2016.

Personal Life

Adams consistently made an effort to give back whenever she could and aid others, which earned her a reputation for kindness and thoughtfulness.

Personality Traits: In her personal life, she greatly appreciated spending time with friends and family as well as playing golf and tending to her garden.

As a child, she was an accomplished tennis player. As part of the Guyana Table Tennis Association and representing Junior Wimbledon tournaments, she won numerous table tennis tournaments titles during this time.

Net Worth

Judith Adams is an actress with an impressive net worth earned through over six decades in the entertainment industry. Known for her roles in popular films and television shows, Adams also earned significant investments on the stock market over the years; currently boasting an estimated net worth of $1 Million after making more than one trade of Booz Allen Hamilton stock as well as investing in various companies; most of her income comes from acting but she owns real estate properties as well as shares in startups as additional sources. Plus she enjoys spending quality time with both husband and young son when available – something most actors never get to do!

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