Karlie Thoma

Karlie Thoma

Karlie Thoma is an immensely popular Instagram influencer with over 50362+ followers on her eponymous account.

Born September 1st 1997 (age 26), she falls under both Virgo and Ox zodiac signs.

She recently joined the North Kiteboarding International Team as a daredevil and has made headlines for being so.

Early Life and Education

Karlie Thoma is an Instagram Star who rose to prominence through her personal account on the social media network. With over 50362 followers on her account and collaborations with multiple commercial brands, this page will shed light on Karlie’s early life and education.

She was born September 1st 1997 (age 26) in Maui, United States and belongs to the Virgo zodiac sign. The date of her birth (September 1) reveals her personality and character traits.

She is an energetic and adventurous individual who delights in exploring waterfalls, beaches, hikes and many other locations. She takes particular pleasure in surfing and skateboarding as well as participating in soccer, roller hockey, softball and skating activities – she attended Tomball High School to pursue these interests – which also gives her plenty of free time. With beautiful skin tone, her healthy physique stands out.

Professional Career

Thoma first began kiteboarding at nine when her dad rented his house out to Swiss kite surfers, sparking an interest that has kept her hooked ever since – now an official professional kiter with North Kiteboarding.

She has competed in the Red Bull King of the Air competition and accomplished some impressive tricks. Her motivation comes from watching herself grow as an artist; always looking to go bigger and improve upon herself.

Karlie Thoma was born September 1st 1997 and now stands 26 years old. Her popular Instagram account boasts more than 44,000 followers; making her one of the top celebrity instagram stars today. American by birth and on Life Path number 9, Karlie is zodiacally sign Virgo; this year marks her Chinese zodiac year of the Ox.

Achievement and Honors

Karlie is well-known as one of the toughest female kiteboarders around, often pushing herself and never giving up, whether that means facing fears, landing new tricks or pushing through difficult conditions. Karlie’s Life Path number indicates a relentless thirst for adventure and personal growth.

She has earned both Dean’s List and Semester Honoree academic awards. These academic recognitions recognize students who have achieved exceptional scholastic achievements over an extended period, such as one semester.

Personal Life

Karlie Thoma is an Instagram influencer with 50362+ followers, known for being an accomplished kiter and surfer who enjoys exploring Hawaii’s waterfalls, beaches, and trails by kitesurfing and surfing.

She is renowned for being daring and her courage when trying out new moves in larger conditions is inspiring to those around her. She proudly represents North Kiteboarding International Team as part of its international squad.

Born September 1st 1997 and hailing from Maui, Hawaii United States. Her zodiac sign is Virgo while Chinese zodiac symbol is Ox. She began posting regularly to Instagram account June 18th 2012 where she shared pictures of skateboarding. With blonde locks and standing 5′ 7″, she enjoys traveling, surfing and socializing.

Net Worth

Karl Jacobs has amassed an estimated net worth between $1 and $5 Million, thanks to his success in gaming industry and presence across platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and TikTok.

Karlie Thoma was born September 1st 1997 in Maui, Hawaii and currently stands 26. She is best known as an Instagram Star with over 40,000 followers on her eponymous account.

Karlie started posting to Instagram on June 18th 2012 as a Virgo belonging to the Chinese zodiac sign of Ox. Karlie enjoys reading, traveling, surfing and learning as hobbies while her photography and vlogging interests also run strong. Karlie is passionate about her career with plenty of drive behind it.

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