Kaycee Olive

Reality Star Profile – Kaycee Olive

Kaycee Olive is an individual and relational therapist working with adolescents at a community mental health agency. She employs narrative and solution focused approaches while also incorporating several behavioral models in a nonjudgmental fashion.

She takes great pleasure in supporting people on their courageous journeys, providing hope and reflecting ‘truth’ at every turn.

Early Life and Education

Kaycee Olive is an affectionate and attentive clinician who values real time connections between client and clinician. Her nonjudgmental approach allows her to help clients validate their journey while encouraging them to recognize their strengths and resiliencies along the way.

She is an associate marriage and family therapist in training who offers both individual and relational therapy to adolescents and their families. Her areas of focus include parent-child dynamics, depression/anxiety among adolescents, psychosocial skill building/boundaries formation/trauma healing.

Olive is committed to giving back to her community, from placing others first to caring for animals and speaking up on behalf of those without voice. As an HI Achiever she loves traveling and has taken singing, dance and musical theatre classes for over 10 years.

Professional Career

Kaycee Olive is an enthusiastic, attentive, and nonjudgmental therapist who believes in creating real time connections between client and clinician. Her goal is to offer validation, spark shared curiosity, and empower clients to recognize their own strength and resiliency during their healing journey. Kaycee employs a collaborative, person-centered, solution focused framework that is informed by narrative and behavioral models. Her areas of specialization include parent child dynamics, adolescent depression & anxiety, boundaries, trauma healing and psychosocial skill building. Kaycee has received training in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; currently practicing in her hometown of Chicago she plans on enrolling at Northwestern this fall to further her education in Medicine Discovery and Research.

Achievement and Honors

Kaycee Dragone is an award-winning teacher at Wentsville Middle School who uses her own money to provide supplies and additional lunches for her students. Helping them realize their full potential makes her proud.

Anna Hobbs from China Grove received the Charles B. and Margenette A. Hinnant Music Scholarship during Mount Olive College’s annual awards day ceremony, honoring them both who served on its board of trustees for many years.

Personal Life

Kaycee Olive is a wife, mother and sister. Currently practicing at a community mental health agency in her area, Kaycee specializes in working with foster children and previously adjudicated youth as well as individual clients facing issues such as parent-child dynamics, depression and anxiety among adolescents, trauma healing, boundaries issues within families that disrupt, psychosocial skill building or life transitions.

Outside of her work, she loves spending time with family and friends, listening to all types of music, reading books and traveling extensively for pleasure – plus taking photos! She’s particularly fond of photography.

Net Worth

She hails from San Diego and currently resides in Temple. In her past life she taught high school; moreover she spent 11 years working at Smart & Final Warehouse; she is also an active social media personality, boasting more than 497k followers on Instagram.

She has dedicated herself to dance for most of her life and achieved incredible success as an accomplished performer and actress in both movies and television shows. She possesses great passion for her art form.

The dancer is an attractive individual with shoulder-length hair who has proven his abilities as an accomplished and sought-after artist through work in movies and shows, earning millions through film rights deals and royalties. Unfortunately, they remain single.

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