Kaylee Daniel

Kaylee Daniel, Age 16 of Henderson, Tennessee, Passed Away Saturday, May 16, 2020

Kaylee Daniel, 16, passed away peacefully Saturday afternoon at Lighthouse Church in Jackson Tennessee. She was the daughter of Stevie and Carrie Wamble Daniel and was loved dearly by family and friends.

Early Life and Education

Kaylee Daniels Vermillion was raised in Midwest City, Oklahoma as the daughter of Charley Daniels and Holly Vermillion. Kaylee was an exceptional artist whose paintings offered insight into her worldview; often including depictions of animals. Kaylee had also taken up commission from her grandfather Jerry for painting him a picture of his horse which Kaylee accomplished expertly.

Music and travel were two passions she pursued in her spare time, supporting herself by working as an animal handler at Mrs. Doolittle’s Pet Stay N Play (a local pet care facility) – where she also kept many pets including dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and two hamsters! Additionally, she was generous and always gave back.

Professional Career

Kaylee is an associate at Norton Rose Fulbright’s Minneapolis office. She possesses extensive expertise advising individuals and companies on trademark matters, such as registration and enforcement. Furthermore, Kaylee has assisted musicians navigate the music industry’s complex intellectual property landscape.

As a first-generation student, she is passionate about building community and transfer inclusivity across campus. At the Transfer Center she strives to foster an accepting and supportive space for transfer students while in her free time she likes exploring outdoor adventures and trying new restaurants with friends.

Mrs. Doolittle’s Pet Stay N Play provides additional financial support for her family through pet handling work that showcases her love of animals and dedication to providing excellent client care; this job showcases this passion by handling dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and two hamsters!

Achievement and Honors

Kaylee was a gifted artist whose works revealed a glimpse into her unique worldview. Kaylee was asked by her grandfather to paint his horse; an undertaking which she completed quickly and will remain an object of memory throughout his lifetime.

She received several accolades during her time at university, such as the Carl Wischmeyer award for outstanding junior and Paul N. Bogart prize for outstanding sophomore. Additionally, she was honored as a Heminway scholar, bestowing upon top first-year students.

Noel Stephen ‘Stevie’ Daniel and Carrie Lee Wamble Daniel of Henderson; as well as her sister Kristen Nicole Daniel are surviving her death. Funeral services will be held Monday at 11:00 AM at Lighthouse Apostolic Church near Jackson and burial will follow at Jacks Creek Apostolic Cemetery near Henderson.

Personal Life

Kaylee was an extraordinary individual with a unique way of perceiving the world around her, which was expressed through her work. This provided viewers with an inside glimpse into her life journey which was filled with deep contemplation. Kaylee loved animals and would spend most of her free time playing with them; she was close with both her grandmother Shirley Hill and family friends, particularly Abby her niece who she considered one of her closest companions.

She worked at Mrs. Doolittle’s Pet Stay N Play as a handler, working shifts caring for different species of animals of various sizes. She thoroughly enjoyed and committed herself to this job; outside of it she enjoyed music and traveling – an independent woman supporting herself financially.

Net Worth

Kaylee McGhee White lives in Washington USA with her husband Lane White who serves as Co-Owner and Location Director at Crawl Space Brother. They met while studying together at Hillsdale College from 2015 – 2019.

Her parents are Daniel McGhee and Julie Kay and she has two siblings; her younger sister’s name is Sydney while D.J McGhee recently got married in August 2021.

By hard work and dedication, she has managed to amass an immense fortune. As a well-known American Journalist serving as commentary writer for Washington Examiner, she boasts excellent speaking abilities as well as incredible communication skills – garnering millions of views on YouTube videos from viewers around the globe.

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