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Keeping pets: arguments for and against

What do you have to expect when you want to take care of a dog or a cat? We are happy to present the most important features of caring for a pet to all animal lovers among our enthusiastic readers:

The faithful dog

Pet dog furry labrador

The dog needs your attention to make him feel happy

Pet dog buddy cuddled

As a real family member, your dog thanks you with loyalty, friendship and protection

Pet puppy friendship feed grooming

The puppy has to be taught the feeding habits

Dog sleep sofa pet pro contra

A well behaved dog makes life together much more harmonious

Dog child companions friends

Best friends don’t just play together, they keep an eye out in the neighborhood

Dog training behavior rules upbringing

Correcting bad behavior from a young age

Dog Puppy Labrador Child Gift

Can you think of a nicer gift than this?

Are you considering buying, adopting or giving away a puppy? The dogs are indeed the most loyal friends of all. What are the most important things to know in the first place?

Mainly, our wishes for children influence this decision to a large extent. From an early age, every child wants to have a friend playing with them. Tireless and active, the dog makes the best playmate. Of course, the adults take care of the animals. What do you mean with that?

Depending on the breed of dog, your pet needs a correspondingly large living space and play area. Spacious enough for the animal to have a permanent place to sleep and to play occasionally. Every dog ​​has individual needs, but the dog has to go outside once twice a day, and that is the minimum.

Furthermore, you should have enough time to groom your dog and provide him with special dog food. Regular veterinary visits and vaccination costs are usually prone to once a year.

The curious cat

Pet keeping cat grooming sleeping area

The pet needs its own sleeping area, where it can quietly retreat at any time

Black cuddling pet cat

The cats can also be very cuddly; but you decide when!

House cat gracefully relaxes independently

Graceful and graceful, playing and being together with cats relaxes and delights your senses!

Statistically speaking, Germans like cats almost as much as dogs. Compared to the playful pet, a cat can be described as calmer and more pampered. These pets can also manage on their own.

A romping cat can do little harm in your home than a dog or other pet. Except when changing fur, then you can see the falling fur on the sofa, carpet and on his clothes.

Last but not least, you should always consider who the animal might necessarily stay with for a few days when you travel. Some people have acute symptoms of cat allergy, which can be learned the hard way.

Having pets at home can also be expected to cause some inconvenience. It happens from time to time that you have a chewed sofa or scratched shoe. Gradually one learns to live with these disadvantages. Over time, the well-behaved pet will transform into a new member of the family. And we get used to their presence at home, it always happens to each other. We undoubtedly enjoy having pets.

An acceptable compromise with animals in the house or in the apartment is the species-appropriate keeping of a pet in the yard, garden or on the terrace. Thus the animal will have more freedom and will not cause any disturbance in the living space.

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