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Kelis Height, Weight, and Net Worth

Kelis is an iconic American singer-songwriter-chef. Among other hits such as Milkshake and Bossy.

She boasts an outstanding career spanning more than two decades and has received several awards and honors for her efforts.

She is married to Mike Mora, a real estate agent. The couple has two children: Shepherd and Galilee.

Early Life and Education

Kelis is an American singer-songwriter and chef who has become extremely successful through various business ventures. She has released several popular tracks and albums like Bossy, Acapella, Flesh Tone Milkshake Kelis Was Here that have brought in great revenue to her numerous ventures.

Kelis hails from mixed ancestry; her father Kenneth Rogers was a jazz musician and Pentecostal minister, while her mother Eveliss Rogers, who hails from Chinese heritage. Kelis attended Manhattan Country School before enrolling at Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts where she quickly demonstrated a talent for singing; at that school, she went on to join Harlem Girls Choir.

Kaleidoscope was released in 1998 and reached the 27th spot on US Billboard charts. Other notable albums by her include Wanderland and Tasty.

Professional Career

Kelis has built an accomplished music career since releasing six studio albums. Her eclectic musical style has brought international acclaim and success.

Her debut album Kaleidoscope was released with Virgin Records in 1999 to critical acclaim, while Wanderland suffered due to label issues and failed commercially. Her third release Tasty, featuring Milkshake as its lead single, became her breakthrough release and solidified Kelis as an international presence.

Kelis returned from a brief hiatus in 2006 to release two albums: Kelis Was Here in 2006 and Flesh Tone in 2010. Her sixth studio album Food was produced by Dave Sitek and features various genres such as R&B, soul, funk Latin dance. Additionally she has ventured into acting and cooking by publishing a cookbook and appearing on television programs like The Taste.

Achievement and Honors

Kelis stands as one of the most successful celebrities of our era, having accomplished so much throughout her professional career. Her feats have won her immense praise from the public at large and several honors have been bestowed upon her for her hard work.

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Kelis first came to prominence during the early noughties, with her debut album ‘Kaleidoscope’ heralding a wave of futuristic R’n’B. Since then she has sold millions of records and won multiple accolades including Brit, Q and NME awards. Additionally she has produced six studio albums alongside working with hip hop/rap acts like Busta Rhymes and Clipse; dance/electronic producers Timo Maas & Calvin Harris; pop singer Enrique Iglesias & No Doubt among others.

Personal Life

Kelis has achieved great success in both her musical and culinary careers, amassing an enormous net worth. Additionally, she has made waves in both fields by appearing on cooking shows and even publishing her own cookbook.

On August 21, 1979, she was born to Kenneth and Eveliss Rogers; her father was a jazz musician and Pentecostal minister who eventually taught at Wesleyan University; while her mother is a fashion designer with both Chinese and Puerto Rican ancestry.

Kelis and Mike Mora married in 2014 and currently reside in Los Angeles. Kelis shares two children from her previous relationship with rapper Nas, Shepherd and Knight respectively.

Net Worth

Kelis has made her name in the music industry with hit songs she has produced and collaborated on with numerous artists. But her success and wealth do not solely come from music – her ventures in culinary work, fashion design, personal investments, as well as her culinary work, have all contributed significantly.

Her total assets are estimated to be $4 Million. A large part of her income stems from music royalties and touring. Other income comes from restaurants, cookbooks and her cooking show Saucy & Sweet. As an accomplished designer she has won hearts around the world with her designs; including designing Mike Mora’s wedding gown! Born 21 August 1979 in Harlem New York United States

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