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Ken Williams-Bennett

Ken Williams-Bennett is a Chicago Democrat with experience at both local and state levels of government. He worked on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign in 2008, as well as being an adviser for Rahm Emanuel as Mayor.

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett is a well-known American rapper known as Chance the Rapper.

Early Life and Education

Ken Williams Bennett grew up in Chicago’s middle-class West Chatham neighborhood on its South Side. His father was a politician, working under both former mayor Harold Washington and Senator Barack Obama; as such, Ken’s dad held several key positions with them such as Director of Field Operations for Attorney General Lisa Madigan as well as Regional Director for Democratic Party of Illinois.

Once attending Jones College Prep High School, Bennett began recording music. Working alongside producers such as Chuck Inglish and Kenny Jame$, his first mixtape “10 Day” was well received by locals and Forbes magazine alike.

Bennett retired as a teacher in 2019 but continues to record music and take an active role in civil activism. He regularly participates in the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Last Lecture event where faculty present advice as if this were their last opportunity to impart wisdom on students.

Professional Career

Ken Williams Bennett is an influential political figure in Illinois. He has held various positions for the state government including acting as Director of Field Operations for Attorney General Lisa Madigan as well as serving as Chicago Regional Director for the Democratic Party.

Bennett led UVA to its first NCAA tournament appearance since 1994 with 26 wins and implemented the packline defense that he had pioneered at Washington State.

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett (born 16 April 1993) is an American rapper and actor best known for his mixtapes 10 Days, Acid Rap and Chance 3. His father Ken Williams-Bennett is a prominent politician who served as an advisor to both Chicago Mayor Harold Washington and Senator Barack Obama.

Achievement and Honors

Bennett, a professor for two decades at UMMC, was named 2017 Faculty Member of the Year and also participated in The Last Lecture event where selected staff deliver speeches they consider their last. At his talk he addressed patient observation and learning to listen better.

Bennett has gained an appreciation of community service through his political background. He served as an aide for both deceased Chicago Mayor Harold Washington and presidential candidate Barack Obama, respectively.

He recently joined the Board of Chicago’s DuSable Museum of African American History, a Smithsonian Institute affiliate dedicated to celebrating and documenting black culture and history through its exhibits and programs.

Personal Life

Ken Bennett is married to Lisa Bennett, former Illinois Attorney General. They have two children together: Taylor and Chancellor Bennett. Taylor is a rapper/singer-songwriter who collaborates with his brother Chance; in addition, he has taken an activist stance against gun violence.

Chance the Rapper’s father boasts an extensive political career. He worked closely with former Mayor Harold Washington and President Obama. Now serving on numerous state committees and working closely with community leaders, according to Coal Chicago he is currently the regional representative for Choose Chicago working on connecting them with local and state representatives as well as community leaders he works closely with on behalf of community engagement efforts and social justice causes. Being exposed to such high level politicians early on influenced Chance to strive towards civic engagement and social justice issues as a leader himself.

Net Worth

Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, better known by his stage name “Chance the Rapper”, is a gifted musician and philanthropist. He performs as the vocalist for Social Experiment and belongs to Chicago collective Savemoney.

Ken Williams-Bennett was a prominent politician who served as an aide to Chicago Mayor Harold Washington and Senator Barack Obama; Lisa Bennett worked for the Illinois Attorney General.

Chance the Rapper made headlines this week by supporting Kanye West’s presidential bid in 2020 despite having his father as an active politician. Yet Chance stayed firm on his decision and did not retract any tweets in support of Kanye. Bennett has two children from Kirsten Corley with Kensli Bennett and Marli Bennett being born into their family unit; most of his wealth comes from live performances, sales royalties and royalties received as payment from these sources.

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