Kevin Garnett Net Worth 2022

Kevin Garnett Net Worth in 2022

Whether you are an NBA fan or not, you probably have heard of Kevin Garnett. He is one of the most well-known basketball players in the world. His professional career started when he was only fifteen years old, and since then, he has had the opportunity to become one of the highest earning basketball players in the world. Currently, his net worth is estimated to be $20 million.


During his time in high school, Kevin Garnett was awarded the National High School Player of the Year by USA Today. He was also named Mr. Basketball for the state of Illinois. He was also named to the 35 Greatest McDonald’s All-Americans list.

Garnett was drafted by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the 1995 NBA draft. He was chosen fifth overall. He was the first player to be drafted out of high school in 20 years. He led the Timberwolves to eight consecutive playoff appearances. He also led the team to the 2004 Western Conference Finals. He was named the NBA MVP in 2004. He was also named the NBA Defensive Player of the Year in 2007-08. He led the Timberwolves to the playoffs in each of his 14 seasons. He has been named to 15 All-Star Games during his career.

Early life

Known for his skills on the court, Kevin Garnett was a professional basketball player. He played 14 seasons with the Minnesota Timberwolves and six seasons with the Boston Celtics. He is also a spokesperson for the American Dairy Association and Adidas.

Garnett is one of the wealthiest paid NBA players. He is married to Brandi Padilla, and they have two daughters together. They live in Minnesota.

Garnett attended Mauldin High School in Mauldin, South Carolina, and was the school’s basketball player for three years. He transferred to the Farragut Career Academy in Chicago, Illinois, for his senior year. He led the school to a 28-2 record during the senior season. He was named the National High School Player of the Year by USA Today. He was also named the state’s Mr. Basketball and was named the 35 Greatest McDonald’s All-American.

Professional career

During his professional career, Kevin Garnett has won several awards. He was also selected to 15 All-Star games. He has also earned two MVP trophies. In addition, he has won one NBA championship and been voted the NBA’s best power forward.

Kevin Garnett’s professional career has spanned over eight seasons. He has played for the Minnesota Timberwolves and Boston Celtics. He was traded to the Brooklyn Nets in 2007. He played his final game in Boston on February 8, 2007. He has now retired from professional basketball.

Kevin Garnett was the first player drafted directly out of high school in the NBA since 1975. He also has the honor of being the only player to win the MVP award while playing fewer than 50 games.

Highest-earning season

During his career, Kevin Garnett earned a fortune. He became one of the richest NBA players of all time. His net worth in 2022 is estimated to be $120 million. He has a lot of ways to generate an income, including hosting, endorsements, and social media.

During his career, Kevin Garnett played with the Minnesota Timberwolves and Boston Celtics. He won the NBA championship in 2008 with the Celtics, and also appeared in the 2008 NBA Finals. In 2004, he was voted NBA Most Valuable Player. He was also awarded NBA All-Star, All-Defensive First Team, and All-NBA First Team honors. He was also a member of the US national team. He also appeared on TNT’s Inside the NBA, which is a TV series focusing on basketball. He is also a member of the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

Business ventures

During his 17 year NBA career, Kevin Garnett amassed a number of accolades, including 15 All-Star selections, a league MVP, and a championship. He was also an integral part of two franchises, including the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics. In the process, he managed to earn an astounding $291 million in salary. In fact, he’s the second highest paid player in NBA history, behind only Shaquille O’Neal.

While Kevin Garnett’s basketball playing days are behind him, he’s taking his game to the virtual court with a recently acquired esports team called Triumph Gaming. He’s also got a stake in a French basketball club called ASVEL Villeurbanne.

Personal life

During his 21 years of playing in the National Basketball Association, Kevin Garnett has left a lasting mark. He has won several championships and he has also been recognized as one of the best power forwards of all time.

Kevin Garnett was born on May 19, 1976 in Greenville, South Carolina. His father was O’Lewis McCullough and his mother was Shirley Garnett. In his childhood, Kevin Garnett developed an interest in basketball and attended Hillcrest Middle School. He played on the school’s basketball team.

Kevin Garnett went on to play at Mauldin High School for three years. His father abandoned his mother shortly after the birth of his son. During his junior year of high school, Garnett transferred to Farragut Career Academy in Chicago’s West Side. He made the 1995 McDonald’s All-American team.

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