Kim Mathers Net Worth

Kim Mathers Net Worth

Kim Mathers is a former actress, author, and rapper. She was married to Eminem. They divorced in 2006. However, they were able to reconcile and remarried a year later. Since then, they have four children together. The youngest child, Hailie, has become a well-known personality.

Before she married Eminem, Kim was involved with a man named Eric Hartter. According to reports, they dated for a few years. During this period, they both were engaged in some illegal activities. At this point, Kim was a drug user and was in jail for a month.

As a young girl, she was sexually assaulted by her stepfather. Her mother remarried and adopted a twin sister. This was when Kim met Eminem, whom she started dating when she was 13. In the late 1990s, she was very famous.

When she was 15, Kim moved in with Eminem’s mother. She then began to develop a drug problem. Eminem, however, was not afraid to take care of his family, as he adopted Kim’s sister. Their first child was born in 1995. Another daughter was born in 2002. But, they divorced in 2006.

Kim Mathers has two daughters. She has a daughter named Whitney from her previous relationship with Eminem, and a daughter named Hailie from the other relationship. Although they have been divorced, they still manage to keep working. Currently, she is recovering from her mental health problems. Several times, she tried to kill herself while suffering from depression.

As a child, she was also a big fan of music and reading books. Kim is also an illustrator. Her work has appeared in greeting playing cards, books, and other items. While she has been known for her work on music, she has also written several children’s books.

While it is unclear what her net worth is, it is estimated to be around $2 million. She is also the foster parent to Alaina Marie Mathers. It is unknown whether she has any other children. Kim is currently living in Macomb Township, Michigan.

As a child, she was born in Warren, Michigan. Her father was Casimir Cluck and her mother was Kathleen Sluck. Her twin sister, Dawn, was a drug addict. Because of her condition, she was rescued by the authorities.

Eminem has also contributed to the total amount of Kim’s net worth. He has been a successful singer, rapper, and record producer. His songs have sold millions of records worldwide.

Aside from Eminem, Kim Mathers is also a member of the Kardashian family. She has her own children, and she is raising a foster child. She has also been arrested for possession of drugs.

Even if she has not been able to put her addiction to rest, she has a lot to be thankful for. After losing her mother and sister, she has been on a journey to get better mentally. And she has overcome many obstacles. She has even been able to adopt a child from an orphanage.

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