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Kitchen furnishings in yellow: instructions for use!

There is no doubt that yellow is a bold design choice. However, this color is very often preferred because it exudes optimism and energy. That is precisely why it is right in the kitchen. This is where the family has to get together and talk before or after a hard day’s work.

Plus, yellow can become a part of your interior design pretty easily. If you are not sure how this color will feel in your case, there is a simple way to find out: a bowl of bananas or oranges or a yellow tablecloth can give you an idea.

Yellow will brighten up your kitchen very easily. The facility with it is very modern for many other reasons as well. Find out more about it in the next few lines.

moderne küche gelb modern deko ideen

Yellow can freshen up your kitchen furnishings enormously

Fancy vintage furnishings

Let’s start with some ideas for fans of vintage kitchen furnishings or the elements in this style. Retro refrigerators are a very popular choice and they often come in bright colors. The combination with surfaces in these or similar shades would be particularly effective.

Kücheneinrichtung gelb Vintage Wanddeko

Yellow color accents can be perfectly combined with vintage elements in the kitchen and result in a striking room look

The combination with wood and classic design concepts seems very interesting. This gives you a down-to-earth character and a feeling of harmony, while the interior design still looks very interesting.

Kücheneinrichtung gelb Esstisch etwas Grün darauf

A bit of green on the yellow kitchen table is always desirable

Yellow kitchen equipment and green house plants

Depending on the case, yellow can look very childish or natural. In nature symbolized the sun and warmth. That is why green indoor plants look very nice against a yellow background. The yellow kitchen is a wonderful place for vertical gardens and living deco.

Suitable background for oriental furnishing ideas

Is your kitchen part of a larger living plan? Perhaps there is room there for a zone of relaxation and something exotic. Yellow, as well as other bright colors, are popular in the Orient and therefore make a great background for a seating area in this style. Define this zone with a rug, place a low table and a couple of cushions over it. Enjoy this exotic kind of relaxation a little every day.

Kücheneinrichtung Gelb Esstisch Kücheninsel design ideen

Black pendant lights complete the look

Wood and a few yellow accents

Wood has a warm appearance and can therefore be combined beautifully with yellow and orange. Integrate some pieces of furniture (dining chairs or stools, for example) in these colors into your wooden kitchen and enjoy the fabulous effect. The room already appears much more dynamic, brighter, more communicative.

Yellow in combination with gray or black

Do you want your kitchen to look super modern? Rely on the combination of yellow with black or gray. This gives the kitchen an extremely expressive, contemporary and elegant character.

elegante bunte Küche in gelb

Yellow and gray make an interesting color combination

Accent surfaces in yellow and pendant lights in black

Let’s continue the theme of the yellow and black kitchen a little longer. But now we would like to draw your attention to the comparison of accents. An accent wall or a couple of kitchen modules in yellow could be juxtaposed with some black or gray pendant lights.

Wohnideen Küche luxus modern gelbes schränke

… .. but money can also be perfectly combined with black and your kitchen will then look very sublime

General tips

Yellow brings warmth to the kitchen, but at the same time it’s a pretty bright color. Make sure that you or anyone else in the family doesn’t find this too stressful or overwhelming. Yellow can be stressful for the senses. If in doubt, you can only do some areas in this color – ideally these in the darker areas. Which style the yellow kitchen equipment is assigned to depends very much on the texture of the surface or the piece of furniture or the accessory.

Kücheneinrichtung in Gelb Grau modern design ideen

Do you want an appealing kitchen design? Then go for yellow and gray!

moderne Kücheneinrichtung gelbe Küchenschränke sehr schlichte Formen

Money and wood – the perfect combination!

Kücheneinrichtung gelbe Akzente Graphit Hellgrau Holz Küchendesign

You can freshen up graphite and light gray with yellow accents

küche wohnungsgestaltung ideen küchenmöbel modern ideen

clear lines, subtle colors and color accents – the kitchen design of the future!

gelbe Kücheneinrichtung

The silver-gloss pendant lights take this modern kitchen to an even higher level

Kücheneinrichtung in Gelb gelbe Rückwand modern ideen

In your kitchen furnishings, you can limit yourself to a few yellow accents and introduce a lot of freshness into the ambience, for example a yellow kitchen rear wall and yellow cut flowers would immediately attract everyone’s attention!

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