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Kitchen islands: general design rules and modern furnishing ideas

The kitchen island is a relatively new facility, but it has already proven to be very useful. It is likely to stay fashionable for many years and will inscribe itself well into several different interior design trends over the next few decades.


Kitchen island – modern, beautiful and practical

Today we offer you an overview of this topic. First, let’s consider the main rules of using the kitchen island. Finally, let’s focus on some particularly innovative trends in this area of ​​home design.


The kitchen island offers plenty of storage space and has other practical functions, here with a built-in oven

Start with the technical side

The kitchen island often includes functional facilities. It could be a stove with an oven or a sink. It is almost never used simply as a storage or work surface. You would have to use the kitchen island to the maximum, so you need an optimal connection to the water pipe and electricity system.

dining area-cake island

First, think about where the best place for a kitchen island is in your kitchen space

The right shape

The right shape of the kitchen island depends on the floor plan of the entire room. Depending on the case, it should complement the selected L, U or G shape of the kitchen. The kitchen island would still have to take on the functions that have not been accommodated in the rest of the kitchen equipment or that cannot be optimally fulfilled.

large cake island

How big should a kitchen island be?

The right dimensions

Next, determine the dimensions of the kitchen island. This should harmonize with the size of the rest of the facility and do justice to its function. A kitchen island that functions as a storage or work surface usually takes up much less space than one that allows cooking or washing up.


Cooking and washing up in one place

Make your kitchen island modern

The kitchen island is there to provide additional family comfort. The space allocated to her functions even better than the “heart” of the household. Let’s now discuss what added value it brings within the most modern kitchen design trends.

Flowing lines

You can recognize the modern kitchen islands immediately by the flowing lines of their design. They are primarily designed for smaller spaces because they create the illusion of a more spacious ambience.

Another characteristic of modern design is flexibility. By this we mean not only the parallel fulfillment of several functions, but also the possibilities for free movement in space. Many modern kitchen islands can be moved, or expanded and reduced in size, using wheels or other creative mechanisms.


Different shapes and different designs are possible

Courageous floor plans

Not only in the lines, but also in the overall floor plan, many designers are now incredibly creative. The kitchen island, which traditionally appears to be square, can now be round, oval or asymmetrical.

The kitchen island has established itself as the central element and starting point for interior design. The flexibility in shape, texture and style continues to make the overarching open design concepts much easier than ever before.


Pure grandeur – elegant kitchen island that is ideal for breakfast


Marble on the island plate and the back wall of the kitchen rounds off the sophisticated look


The kitchen island is also perfect as a storage and work area

cake island dining area

The dining area is guaranteed here


A rustic kitchen island can be a great part of the modern kitchen design!





cake island-modern

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countertop cake island

cake island

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