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Kitchen mirror – show style and class by choosing your kitchen splashback

The kitchen rear wall is an important design element in every kitchen, it largely determines the atmosphere there. But many homeowners who are moving into a new or just renovated apartment are sure to ask themselves a lot of questions. How should I design my kitchen mirror? Should it be in the modern or more classical style? Which material should you choose for it? All of these questions are perfectly justified! Because there are numerous design options on the market, each more beautiful and attractive than the other. Tiles are the most popular variety, but there are new alternatives that include glass, plastic panels, wood panels even marble and its imitations. But in this article we want to focus first on the traditional tile mirrors that still show style and class. There is absolutely no doubt about it, these are really durable, resilient and have a fancy look. Many design variants intentionally retain the spirit of bygone times or bring a vintage flair to your kitchen. Scroll down and enjoy our picture examples!

White and blue – the typical duo in country house style


A beautifully patterned tile mirror in blue and white is immediately noticeable in this kitchen

A patterned tile mirror in the color duo of blue and white is still very popular. It goes wonderfully with a country-style kitchen interior. The countertops could be made of dark granite (in the picture in black) and match the bright kitchenContrast the mirror and the white kitchen cabinets.

R.A rustic, modern kitchen in black and white


Rustic and modern can be paired perfectly

In dObviously a variety of textures have been used in this little kitchen, most likely with a desire to make a big difference. The black worktop and the wall cupboard in the same color are in stark contrast to the white tiles, which are effectively arranged. Other small details emphasize the rustic look, mixed with a little modernity.

White herringbone tiles


The herringbone pattern was and still is popular with many homeowners

Here we come across a kClassic white kitchen unit, the tiling of which is laid in an interesting herringbone pattern. It corresponds wonderfully with the white kitchen interior and the modern kitchen appliances made of stainless steel.

A striking mosaic of colorful bottle caps spices up the tiled area


You could make a fancy mosaic out of colorful bottle caps!

The tile mirror is spiced up in this kitchen with a great mosaic of bottle caps. This enhances the vintage flair in the room and creates a special atmosphere.

Playfulness with a Mediterranean aftertaste

cake wall ideas

Enjoy warm colors and interesting patterns on the kitchen rear wall

The intricately patterned back wall gives this stylish kitchen a can of Mediterranean playfulness.

A wooden strip rounds off the worktop

cake mirror

The modern dream kitchen!

The kitchen mirror is particularly designed here, leaving the elongated, colorful tiles all other kitchen elements appear in visual harmony. And a wooden strip rounds off the worktop. Great design idea, isn’t it?

Combine old stove with stone back wall


The stone back wall emphasizes the rustic look of the kitchen

This newly renovated kitchen mixes old materials with the latest high-tech equipment. Here a cast iron stove, a copper steam extractor and a kitchen back wall made of natural stone stand next to each other and these have been masterfully inscribed in the new kitchen design.

The old is still beautiful!

tile wall

Keep the traditional look in case you can!

theThis kitchen dates from the 18th century and always looks like it works perfectly! The tiled wall and the old stove immediately attract the eye!

Emphasize the charm of yesteryear

cake mirror-blue

The perfect rustic look for a kitchen

A Kitchen mirror in a delicate blue, beautifully patterned, brings the charm of bygone times directly into this kitchen. Many interior designers think that such a kitchen splashback is more in contrast to the modern stainless steel appliances and finely crafted wooden elements here. That shouldn’t necessarily be true, because many homeowners prefer to keep the charm of an old-fashion kitchen.


Old family photos on the back wall of the kitchen add a nostalgic touch to the modern kitchen

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