Kitchen planning according to Feng Shui and a great picture gallery

In the ancient Chinese teaching of Feng Shui, the focus is on harmonizing positive and negative energy in the living area. The idyllic togetherness and the relationship with nature are promoted, as well as the achievement of success, health and even prosperity.

Establishment according to Feng Shui-Feng Shui success happiness health colors living area house design

Furnishing according to Feng Shui – harmony and comfort are the priorities

Harmonization of energies in house Feng Shui harmony positive negative energy elements fire earth water air prosperity wellbeing

Harmonization of energies in the house

Feng Shui emphasizes the importance of the properly designed kitchen as the center of family life. To get the positive energy Chi to flow in your house, we have collected valuable tips for you today.

The importance of skillful kitchen planning-feng shui kitchen apartment energy flow chi family life

The importance of skillful kitchen planning

The positioning of the mirror
According to Feng Shui, the kitchen should be as spacious as possible and offer all the necessary conveniences for food preparation. Ideally, the stove, sink and worktop are positioned so that the housewife can see other people entering. However, the kitchen should not be a walk-through room. If there are two doors, one should be kept closed and a shelf or kitchen cabinet placed in front of it.
Since this is not always possible, a mirror can be placed next to the stove with this aim. This will make the kitchen area look larger.

Cleanliness and order-Feng Shui rules tips mirror metal wood kitchen equipment

Do you also like cleanliness and order in your kitchen?

Spaciousness and freedom of movement are the rules of thumb-kitchen furnishing elements metal wood

The rule of thumb in the kitchen is: space and freedom of movement!

The elements wood and metal are essential in the kitchen design according to Feng Shui furnishing

The elements wood and metal are essential in kitchen design

Kitchen in bright colors-spaciousness Feng Shui furnishing kitchen island hanging lights

Furnish the kitchen in light colors and enjoy the positive energy in the room

Balancing the effect of the elements wood and metal-Kitchen planning Kitchen design Feng Shui Prosperity Well-being Happiness Family life

Balance the effect of the elements wood and metal

The right location for the stove
The five main elements in Chinese astrology are put to practical use here. We are interested in two elements in the kitchen, namely water and fire. For this reason, the stove should not be next to the refrigerator or sink. This accumulates negative energy, which can lead to family quarrels and financial problems. The role of compensation is played by the wood. Use wooden symbols, e.g. a cutting board or a serving tray with shades of green.

Position the stove correctly-Feng Shui energy flow positive negative energies choice of material metal

Position the stove correctly

Interplay of the elements water and fire in Feng Shui-Feng Shui kitchen choice of color choice of material kitchen planning positive energy chi

Interplay of the elements water and fire in Feng Shui furnishing style

Cozy kitchen in white-The stove should not be next to the sink-Feng Shui furnishing kitchen planning prosperity

Cozy kitchen in white – cleanliness and elegance in one

Only keep your dishes in drawers
According to Feng Shui, order and cleanliness in the kitchen are of great importance for family prosperity. Do not overload this space with solid wood furniture and overloaded countertops. It is advisable to store the kitchen accessories in drawers or on shelves. Cutlery and crockery with sharp edges generate negative energy. If you want to compensate for this effect, place mainly round objects in your kitchen.

Order in the kitchen storage organization kitchen Feng Shui rules

There must be order in the kitchen

Kitchen accessories and organization-The worktops should not appear cluttered-Feng Shui storage kitchen accessories drawers

Kitchen accessories and organization

Organization and storage of dishes in the small kitchen-Feng Shui order kitchen kitchen accessories

Organization and storage of dishes in the small kitchen

Skillful organization of the plate feng shui order well-being prosperity

Clever arrangement of the plates

The right location for the refrigerator
The electrical devices that are constantly switched on convey the energy in separate zones in the kitchen area. The refrigerator should face south-east. This makes for wealth. However, if you would like to have harmonious family relationships, then place this towards the south-west. Under no circumstances should this device face south, as the element of fire cannot be adapted to low temperatures. The small kitchen gadgets like blenders, water jugs and toasters should be placed on the countertops to create more positive energy.

Fridge with orientation south-east or south-west Feng Shui energy flow positive energy kitchen design

Place the refrigerator facing east

Fridge by no means with orientation south refrigerator location kitchen feng shui planning elements metal wood

Never place your refrigerator facing south

Achieving a positive flow of energy in the kitchen-Feng Shui kitchen planning tips small kitchen in white Well-being

Try to get positive energy flow in your kitchen

Balancing the effects of the wood and metal
In the kitchen, the food preparations are usually in full swing, which is why the male energy Yang should be shown here. The wood is more in line with the feminine power of yin, while the metal expressly represents the masculine properties. Therefore, balance the effects of these two forces. Too much of the element wood can seem overwhelming and forced. The metal, on the other hand, makes the kitchen appear too technological and aggressive.

Effect of feminine and masculine energy in designing Feng Shui kitchen wood metal cooking island countertops material choice

Effect of feminine and masculine energy in shaping

Colors and light sources
According to experts, the kitchen area needs bright, but not sharp light. The heavy curtains, for example, hinder the flow of energy and block the influence of natural light. During the day, plenty of sunlight should be allowed into any setting.
The kitchen shouldn’t look cluttered with houseplants. A potted plant or a cut flower is enough here. A small and dark kitchen needs light wall color and strong lighting. You’d better leave the dark red or dark blue nuances to one side and go for pastel colors. The pure white color, which looks too overwhelming in other rooms, is particularly effective in the small room.

Do you want to highlight an area in the kitchen? Better to do this in color by changing the wallpaper or the wall color. Going south you stimulate the element fire, which is responsible for a professional career. You could place small objects there, for example a red jug or a toaster.
The element of water is symbolically located towards the north. It is responsible for spiritual development. To activate this element, you can place souvenirs or jewelry in black in this direction.

Rely on different colors when designing your kitchen. Make sure that the black color of the element water is not in the area of ​​the fire. The color of the element metal should not be placed towards the east or south-east, as this zone is connected to the element wood.

Additional light for the bright kitchen-Feng Shui kitchen lighting colors furnishing lighting mood well-being prosperity

Additional light for the bright kitchen

Cozy kitchen area according to Feng Shui-Feng Shui kitchen planning energy flow metal wood

Cozy kitchen area based on Feng Shui

Did you like our Feng Shui tips for kitchen design? Let yourself be further inspired by our great picture gallery!

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