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Kitchen trends 2021 – naturalness and timeless elegance are the order of the day

We all spend more time at home in the winter months. It is quite possible that many are now thinking of a new coat of paint or even a complete renovation of the kitchen. If you are planning something like this, it is advisable to first find out about the latest kitchen trends for 2021. What goes out of fashion with the old year and what will be trendy in the kitchen in 2021, we want to summarize for you below. But first of all we want to emphasize: modern kitchens are real multifunctional rooms. They are designed to be cozy, homely and functional and the trend towards minimalism remains. In 2021, you will mainly see dark kitchen fronts there, which will be refreshed with accents in pastel tones or metal surfaces. The kitchen 2021 is equipped with worktops and kitchen mirrors made of natural materials and has stylish kitchen appliances that do the work independently. This saves time and makes everyday life much easier for everyone who loves cooking.

Kitchen trends 2021: high functionality and a natural look go hand in hand here.

Küchentrends 2021moderne Küche in warmer Terracotta Farbe Hintergrund grau viele Küchengeräte Blick zum Hinterhof

In short, as in other areas of our life, there is also a tendency in the kitchen to combine modern technologies with more naturalness. The kitchen 2021 fits seamlessly into a holistic living concept, where the transition between the kitchen and living room disappears. Furthermore, efforts are made to have more storage space in the kitchen. Floor-to-ceiling kitchen cabinets and other practical storage units are now particularly in demand. If you take a look into the kitchen in 2021, you immediately notice: this is a homely and very comfortable room, where you not only prepare food and drinks, but also spend a lot of time with your loved ones. However, you will soon find out what is very special and will definitely be one of the kitchen trends in 2021.

Wood and other natural materials will be particularly popular in the kitchen in 2021

Küchentrends 2021 moderne Küche viel Holz Parkettboden Dunstabzugshaube in Kupfer Fenster zum Hinterhof

Küchentrends 2021 viel Holz Küchenschränke elegante Gestaltung perfektes Küchendesign

Kitchen trends 2021: Natural materials are very popular in modern kitchens

Back to nature is actually not a new trend in the interior. However, numerous natural materials will be used in the 2021 kitchen, which impress with their natural elegance and appearance. First and foremost, of course, is real wood, which can be found in every modern kitchen in 2021. For example, grained wooden fronts or all kinds of kitchen furniture made of solid wood in completely natural shades form the kitchen trends for 2021. However, marble, stone and concrete have certain competition because they are also conquering this space. In the kitchen trends for 2021, we often see worktops and kitchen islands made of marble that are tailored to the needs of homeowners. Marble has been in great demand in interiors for years and this year it has not only established itself in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen. It scores with its glamorous look, eye-catching grain and soft colors. You only need to add a few accents to marble to make your kitchen design trendy.

Marble is all the rage in the kitchen in 2021.

Küchentrends 2021 klassische Küche dunkelgrüne Küchenschränke Kücheninsel viel Marmor auf der Kücheninsel an den Wänden

With this natural material you take your kitchen design to a higher level.

Küchentrends 2021 Marmor in der modernen Küche in Grau an der Küchenrückwand schöne Maserung Blickfang

If you like the industrial style, you can find great design ideas in the kitchen trends 2021. Stone and concrete will be in great demand in the modern kitchen in 2021. A single stone wall exudes natural warmth and elegance, while a concrete-look kitchen island serves as an eye-catcher.

Marble, stone and wood form a breathtaking trio!

Küchentrends 2021 Marmor an der Küchenrückwand elegante Küchenschränke aus hellem Holz Boden mit Steinplatten belegt

Which colors will be a trend in the kitchen in 2021?

White kitchens are a real classic for a reason, but other colors are all the rage in 2021. Especially dark colors are now in demand. For example, can you imagine how elegant and classy a black or anthracite kitchen looks? In addition, you can set beautiful accents made of metal there, which are very noticeable. For example, dark kitchen fronts and fittings in copper form an unbeatable combination.

Pure elegance: light gray marble and dark kitchen cabinets create a contrasting color combination in the modern kitchen.

Küchentrends 2021 moderne Küche hellgrauer Marmor dunkle Küchenschränke kontrastreiche Farbkombination Eleganz pur

Gray is the new black! The neutral color is also popular in the kitchen!

Küchentrends 2021 Kücheninsel Küchenrückwand in Grau sehr elegant beliebte Farbe im modernen Küchendesign

Tinted colors have also acquired a special place among the kitchen trends for 2021. They always look completely natural and fresh. Here we mean earthy tones like strong dark red or terracotta. In addition, warm colors such as curry and turmeric tones are particularly popular. These are rivaled by other colors that are reminiscent of spices. For example mustard yellow or cinnamon brown. All of these shades create a natural and very cozy look in the modern kitchen and are expected to remain trendy. Let’s not forget that they emphasize naturalness in the kitchen and pair well with the trendy materials stone, wood and concrete.

Kitchen trends 2021: modern design and pastel colors – this is what the dream kitchen of millions of women looks like!

Küchentrends 2021 modern gestaltet in Pastellfarbe Beige hell ansprechend die Traumküche 2021

As for the color trends in the kitchen in 2021, one also has to mention the juicy colors. These also look very natural and are an indispensable part of the kitchen trends in 2021. Such colors are, for example, bright yellow, pink, pastel green and all that we associate with soft ice cream.

The white kitchen remains absolutely timeless! A real classic among the kitchen trends for 2021!

Küchentrends 2021 weiße Küche modern frisch mit grünen Pflanzen echter Klassiker absolut zeitlos

The white kitchen design can be refreshed and made more interesting with beautiful green plants.

Küchentrends 2021 weiße Küche sehr elegant gestaltet schöne Grünpflanzen als frische Akzente

Nice accents in black or wood break up the monotony in the white kitchen.

Küchentrends 2021 schöne Akzente in Schwarz aus Holz beleben die weiße Küche attraktiv und trendy

What’s new in kitchen fittings?

Up until now it was common and considered modern to have elegant stainless steel fittings in the kitchen. But that changes dramatically in the new year. Trendy fittings are now those in gold and copper. They arouse particular interest in matt black. In other words, gloss is no longer required, black fittings are preferred. The trend started in the bathroom and is now moving into the kitchen. Black fittings appear immediately on light kitchen fronts, while those made of copper or gold are eye-catching in a black kitchen. They round off the stylish look of every modern kitchen.

The latest news in terms of kitchen fittings!

Küchentrends 2021 elegante Küchenarmaturen in Gold Eleganz pur Funktionalität

As you can see, a lot is changing in the kitchen design. The kitchen trends 2021 are sure to help you make an informed decision about your own kitchen before starting a renovation there. The Trendomat editorial team wishes you every success!

Muted colors and lots of wood are among the kitchen trends for 2021.

Küchentrends 2021 große moderne Küche abgedeckte Farben viel Holz sehr elegant gestaltet

Built-in LED lighting takes the modern kitchen to a higher level

Küchentrends 2021 eingebaute LED Beleuchtung visuelle Effekte sehr elegant gestaltete geräumige Küche

If you like the industrial style …

Küchentrends 2021 schickes Küchendesign im Industrial Style visuelle Effekte

Light gray and pastel green form an attractive color duo in the kitchen.

Küchentrends 2021 Hellgrau Pastellgrün attraktives Farbduo in der modernen Küche

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