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Kitchen worktops made of concrete are again very much in vogue

How do you envision concrete surfaces in your kitchen design? What associations does such a picture evoke in you? You’re probably thinking of industrial style, where concrete really dominates. Or do you want to have a minimalist design in your kitchen, where a concrete kitchen worktop fits in seamlessly? We could only encourage you to bring these bold design ideas to life. Because kitchen countertops made of concrete are currently very much in vogue. They score with their robust look and enormous longevity. They also give you a lot of leeway so that you can achieve an individual design in the kitchen. No matter what your reasons are for a trendy concrete kitchen worktop, we want to present you the advantages and disadvantages of such a design and report a lot about kitchen worktops made of concrete. Stick with it and be amazed at the creative potential these worktops hide.

Concrete kitchen worktops are perfectly inscribed in modern kitchen design.

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton Spüle einfaches Raumdesign sehr sauber

Nevertheless, they are rather a rarity in modern kitchens.

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton Kücheninsel einfach sauber Grau und Weiß dominieren

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton einfaches Küchendesign Spüle Regal grüne Pflanzen

What makes concrete kitchen countertops trendy?

The countertops in the kitchen must, above all, be subordinate to practical functions. They serve to facilitate our work in the preparation of food and drinks. However, if they are made of concrete, then these could change the entire look of the kitchen. That’s why the experts in modern kitchen design think they should look very stylish. These are not robust gray surfaces that are scratch-free and extremely durable. The gray color of such countertops is no longer a must because they can be polished and sealed according to your needs. That means that modern kitchen worktops made of concrete vary in shape, size and color and can go well with any furnishing style. They can also be easily combined with various other materials in the kitchen. With wood, for example, they form an unbeatable duo. But they also make excellent combinations with stone, steel, ceramics and the like.

Concrete and wood go hand in hand in this kitchen.

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton schlichtes Raumdesign Kombination Beton Holz unschlagbares Duo

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton Küche in Industrial Style Spüle Hängelampe Grau dominiert

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton minimalistisches Design einfach sauber Stein eingebaute Beleuchtung Küchenschränke

What are the advantages of concrete kitchen countertops?

To make your decision for or against a modern concrete worktop easier, we have summarized its advantages and disadvantages.

First, here are the pros at a glance:

  • Individual design: These kitchen tops are always cast according to the specific wishes of the customer. The specialty of the room is taken into account, so that you ultimately get a kitchen design according to your ideas and personal preferences.
  • Resilient and resistant: Concrete is an extremely stable and durable material. It can withstand various loads, is scratch-resistant and heat-resistant. You can work with sharp knives on your concrete kitchen countertops without any problems, without leaving cracks or placing hot pots on them. That doesn’t bother the concrete countertops.
  • Waterproof and easy to care for: Concrete is resistant to water and other liquids and repels them. That is why concrete kitchen worktops are also considered hygienic. They are also easy to care for and can be kept in perfect condition for many years.

Individual kitchen design that enchants.

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton individuelles Design moderne Küche Grau dominiert Regale aus dunklem Holz Abzugshaube

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton schlichtes Küchendesign in Weiß Regale grüne Pflanzen

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton schlichtes Raumdesign Kombination Beton Holz Marmor Keramikfliesen

Resilient and resistant to heat, water and cracks.

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton Kücheninsel belastbar resistent gegen Hitze Wasser Risse

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton einfaches Küchendesign L förmig Grau dominiert Hocker Schale mit Orangen

But you also have to know the disadvantages!

However, we cannot hide the disadvantages of modern concrete kitchen countertops. Here are the cons at a glance:

  • Acid sensitive: Although concrete is a hard, stable and resistant material, it is porous and sensitive to acids. For this reason, it is advisable not to use any aggressive cleaning agents when caring for it.
  • Unfriendly look: Not everyone likes the bold look of these countertops. In most cases you can find them too cool in gray, which negatively affects the entire kitchen design.
  • Heavy in weight: Once installed, the concrete kitchen worktops can no longer be changed. They are very heavy and you can hardly move or shape them.
  • High price: You really need to dig deep into your pocket for such a long-lasting option in the kitchen. Compared to other kitchen countertops, these made of concrete are much more expensive.

Concrete is sensitive to acids and aggressive cleaning agents.

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton Spüle Küchenschränke Fronten aus Holz simples Design

This minimalist kitchen design comes at a high price.

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton minimalistisches Küchendesign glänzende Oberflächen Spüle Fensterrollos

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton minimalistisches Design einfache Regale Holz ausgestelltes Geschirr

Make concrete kitchen countertops yourself or use alternatives

While concrete kitchen countertops are all the rage right now, they are not for everyone. They are primarily suitable for the followers of minimalism and industrial style. If you belong to this group and want a bold look in the kitchen, then you can fluctuate when choosing. On the one hand, you can order such countertops from highly qualified craftsmen. You can also find instructions online if you would like to create such a design yourself. However, we would rather advise against it, because it is really more complicated than it looks. The right concrete mix and the ideal mixing ratio are always decisive for the modern look, for the durability and longevity of your concrete kitchen worktops.

You need a little more than goodwill to make a concrete kitchen countertop yourself.

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton Kombination mit Holz Regal Rückwand bunte Tapete fein gemustert eingebaute Küchengeräte

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton dunkle Unterschränke oben weiße Metro Fliesen Regal aus Holz Blumentöpfe Vase

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton eingebaute Deckenbeleuchtung grüne Metro Fliesen einfaches Design

If you want to achieve exactly that bold look in the kitchen, then there are clever alternatives that have a concrete look but are made from lighter materials. Perhaps these fit better with your ideas about modern kitchen design.

Better to use alternatives with a concrete look.

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton moderne Küche weiße Fliesen Abzugshaube Bild eingebaute Beleuchtung

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton schönes modernes Küchendesign Grau dominiert Frische grüne Zimmerpflanzen

Conclusion: Modern kitchen countertops look minimalist in most cases, and they are easy to care for and durable. They give you a lot of creative freedom for individual design solutions depending on the size of your kitchen. These are all decisive advantages that make kitchen countertops popular and trendy.

Be inspired by the following kitchen designs with concrete countertops!

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton modernes Küchendesign Unterschränke aus Holz oben Regale grüne Topfpflanzen Wandbilder

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton ansprechendes Design viel Tageslicht Regale Küchenutensilien

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton modernes Design zwei Fenster Hocker grauer Teppich Deko Artikel

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton moderne Küche praktische Designlösung Herd Abzugshaube

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton moderne Küche Fenster viel Tageslicht Hocker Betonboden

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton weiß polierter versiegelter Beton mit viel Holz kombiniert

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton modernes Küchendesign ganz in Weiß sauber einfach

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton modern mit rustikalen Elementen altes Holz schickes Küchendesign

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton Regal aus Holz Geschirr ausgestellt

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton moderne Küche in Grau und Schwarz passende Beleuchtung

Küchenarbeitsplatten aus Beton modernes Küchendesign Insel Hocker schwarze Bodenfliesen

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